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A Quick Before & After {+ Motivation & Inspiration}.

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I promised in this post that I'd share a chair re-do with you.  Then I almost decided against sharing because it's really no big deal.  But I've been feeling a bit blah about blogging lately and have had a hard time coming up with topics.  It's rare that I have to "come up with" topics--usually they just come to me or I'm working on something that I can't wait to share (like this).  Anywhoo, for whatever reason I'm in a lull.  So that, coupled with the fact that recovering chairs might be something on your list and not exactly NBD, I decided to give you a look.  Oh and for real- who doesn't love a before and after?!  Bear in mind that this isn't a tutorial or anything.  Just a little look (and maybe motivation?) for ya.  So here's my chair re-do:

Now's a great time to take on furniture projects because it's finally warm out. You have no idea how I've missed spray paint.  I'm not kidding. But now I can spray paint or brush paint to my heart's desire.  Plus there are yard sales and flea markets and random side of the road finds that no matter how great may not be enough to lure me (and by me I mean Joe) from my car in subzero sloshy conditions.  By the way, I discuss some great places to score pre-loved furniture in this post

I got these chairs forever ago from Cottage Chic.  I planned to paint and cover them.  Then I found other chairs and got halfway through painting and covering those and then decided it wasn't worth it; they had tons of detail that was a huge pain to paint around.  I came back to these and they welcomed me with open arms.  In the meantime I'd purchased this fabric to cover them thinking I'd dress them up and sell them.  (I've toyed with a furniture refinishing business so I splurged on nicer fabric so I could get more than I paid for them).  Well of course, I decided to keep them and bonus--I ended up with fabric I would've been too cheap to buy for myself.  I still may paint them but the wood is in fairly good condition (despite the fact that I photographed them before cleaning them up.  And don't look too closely at the floor either for that matter.  LOVE those floors but super dark color + hi gloss = my personal hell) so I haven't decided yet. 

The original fabric on these chairs was from 1979! Which isn't the year I was born because that would make me 33 and I'm only 29.  The original label was on the chairs and from what I could tell it doesn't appear that they'd been recovered. Covering them was a cinch.  No tutorial necessary.  I just laid them over the fabric making sure the pattern was well placed and cut around it about 2 inches.  I pulled tight and stapled (being careful around the corners) to the back and that's it.  I've heard it said if you can wrap a gift you can cover a chair. So true.  I pinned these step by step instructions a while ago so if you want more details maybe check it out.

Lastly, because you have to have more than one photo in a blog post (in my humble opinion), I'm including a little before and after eye candy from other sources for your enjoyment. 

She was bolder with her color and fabric choices.  I love the end result though!

Another cute one from Simply Salvage.  With the same fabric.
You'll have to visit this blog to see the before.  I LOVE how these turned out and the gorgeous fabric pairings.  
Yellow has always been a favorite color of mine (just take a peek in my closet) but I am really in love with it lately.  Yellow + chevron = happiness.
Remember here where I discussed my split personality when it comes to decorating? Oh yeah, I also love mid-century...
I love the gray and the graphic floral print. Just lovely! Oh and this post is chock full of great tips and a detailed tutorial of covering a seat cushion so check it out!

Which is your favorite chair makeover?!  After looking at these, I'm thinking my work is not done!  I'm still undecided but I'm thinking a couple of coats of paint (or even sanding/stripping and re-staining) is probably in order...?

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  1. I can totally relate to the lull from time to time. It can be hard and especially hard to have good photos. The chair looks amazing! Love it so much. And I also feel so excited for spray-painting season. :) I have three items in the basement just waiting to hit the driveway for a new coat of some brightly colored paint. Can't wait to see what you do this summer!

    1. So glad you can relate! I often catch myself trying to quickly force one out and then I have to just close the browser, step back, and get inspired! as for spray paint same to you! I already started one project that I'll hopefully share soon!