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Vintage, Antiques, & Collectibles, Oh My.

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I took a stroll through the new Vintage, Antiques, and Collectibles shop on Candia Road yesterday.  Can I just say I loved that place?  The prices weren't my kind of prices (i.e. dirt cheap) but if you're looking for "real" antique pieces, original home décor, or even party or kid space centerpieces, this place is a fantastic place to start.  And in addition there are smaller less expensive items (like old milk bottles and Coke bottles for instance) that every vintage lover can enjoy. 
Here's a virtual stroll for ya.  Enjoy:
This dresser is almost identical to Genevieve's.  I love the legs and keyholes.

They had tons of great mirrors. Mostly priced between $75 and $150.

This beauty was about 3 feet tall.  Unfortunately I am not an antiques buff (I just like to pretend) and can't remember all the details they included on the various tags.  I know it was over $200 if that tells you anything.

I know upholstered headboards are all the rage (and I plan on getting one in the future) but this iron number gives me pause...

This would be so charming in a little girl's room.

 As would this chair--perched in front of a desk or vanity.
I think this was some sort of locker or mail cubby.  It would be amazing in an entryway or used for media storage.  I love it as is.

These little pastel and burlap tumblers are cute.  Despite the burlap they have a distinct retro/50s vibe to them.

Cute little occasional table that seems like it could find a home anywhere.

Forget milk bottles for parties.  These are just as charming and even cooler.

Ok, don't forget the milk bottles.  These were $10 each.

I'm sure you've seen suitcases stacked and used as side tables or nightstands.  I could never pull that off but the idea is tempting.

I could create an entire vintage chef party with this little book as inspiration.

And these pins used as décor.

Entryway bench anyone? 

Bahston Baked Beans. 

And my reason for stopping after driving past this shop multiple times--these beauties.  The owner spat out what era they were from and what type of chair they were as if I had a clue what he was talking about.  All I know is I love their rustic charm--chipped aqua paint and all. I wouldn't even repaint them.  But alas...I don't "need" chairs.  Don't you always happen upon the BEST stuff when you're not looking for it?!
And that was it--actually far from it but all I took the time to photograph.  Have you discovered any new shopping resources lately?

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  1. Wow! I really am an antique little girl. I grew up with many of these items. Some of them came from my grandpa's home. I'm sure we will visit the next time I visit.