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How to Create a Bright & Girly Gallery Wall on a Budget.

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I finally finished Genevieve's gallery wall! I don't think I could be more excited.  It's amazing the difference having something on the walls makes in the room.  It went from looking "in progress" to looking nearly complete. 

A little background on the wall:  I've been gathering items for it since before Nadia was born--just a frame here and there.  I also used several frames from Genevieve's nursery.  As is the case for most of my projects I wanted to keep it low budget.  All of the frames were really inexpensive.  And even better--all of the prints in the room were FREE.  Clearly, I'm pretty excited about that. 

sorry for the crappy cell phone shot.
Here's the process I used:
1. I gathered all of my frames/objects (collected over time).
2. I Gathered all of my FREE printable art.
     2a. Optional: Because I had so much art in various color ways (Yay for graphic designers handing out freebies like candy!), I decided to print them all so I could narrow it down.  Rather than use up all of my ink to do so, I used Wal-Mart's online photo service and printed them as matte 4*6 prints. *Note* Some of my free printables were PDFs.  I used Zamzar to convert them to JPG files.
4. I measured the space on the wall to figure out how large the "gallery" would be.
5. Then I used this method of lying all of my frames/objects out on wrapping paper (sized to fit the measurements from step 4), arranging and rearranging them to get them in just the right places, and tracing.
5. I used painter's tape to hang the big piece of wrapping paper on the wall.
6. I measured the hangings on the back of the frames so that I could add penciled dots on the "drawing," where I'd place the nails.
7. I then begun hanging one piece at a time.  For some frames, I used command strips (since they didn't have hanging hardware on them). 
[Insert a few errors within those steps!].

Helpful hints: Take a look at the link I included for more "process" photos.  Some people use a level.  I didn't since my items weren't all the same size or laid out in an orderly way. Okay-- and because I'm super impatient and that would've taken longer.  Also, when I needed enlargements of the prints I decided to use, I used Shutterfly.  The quality and color is way better than Wal-Mart.  It's a bit more expensive but worth it. 

Even with all the planning, when I put everything up, it  If I had it all to do over again, I'd have started with a center piece (maybe her name for example) and built out from there (on the wrapping paper).  I didn't mean for it to have a "center" but when I put it up, the blue frame sort of ended up catching my eye as the middle which made the entire thing look off kilter.  To remedy that, I added one more frame and moved the yellow elephant up.  I guess you just have to roll with the punches...

Anyway here it is in all its glory:
Although I LOVE it, I'm considering swapping out one of the photos for a family photo. What do you think?

I get giddy looking at it. 
Sources {and cost break down}:
Frames/Objects: from Left to Right.  Sort of.

 White, Blue, and Yellow 8*10  matted frames: Christmas Tree Shop. $3.99 each.
Pink Sparkly G: Hobby Lobby.  $3.50 (at 50% off)
White ornate frame: Already owned (TJ Maxx or HomeGoods)
Yellow Elephant: Hobby Lobby (more info here.). $3 (50% off $5.99). I spray painted it with paint I already had. (for this DIY make sure to prime well...and flat or satin paint would have worked better...just an FYI).
White Elephant: Same as above.
Blue plate: $3.50 (at 50% off).  I added the "love" with hot glue.  The love word was from AC Moore and was $1 but I owned it already. 
Custom wood cut out of Genevieve's name: Alexis Mattox Design.  (I got it via Very Jane for $15).
Dark Pink frame: Hobby Lobby. $7.50 (at 50% off).
Light pink ornate frame- Already owned (also from TJs or HG).
Gray Frame: Christmas Tree Shops. $2.99.
Pink Chevron G: Hobby Lobby. $2.49. I decoupaged it with chevron scrapbook paper I already had (and it only took three tries).
Pink Ornate Frame: Already had (TJs or HG).
Total: $53 + command strips.
Quite honestly it didn't feel like $50 since I purchased items so slowly...which brings me to this:

Pastel Nursery Rhyme Series: Sprik Space.
Monogram Printable: On to Baby. (Found via this post over on Chic & Cheap Nursery (Thanks Jessica!).
I am a Child of God: I can't find this anywhere. :( I saved it to my hard drive a looong time ago.  I think it might have been from Mormon Mommy Blogs but I can't find it when I search.
Pink and Yellow LOVE: Laura Winslow Photography.
You make me Happy: Sprik Space.
ABC print: I share Printables. (Also available in "boy" colors).
You are my Sunshine: J&A Co.
Check out my "Printables" Pinterest board for more freebies.

So that's the latest.  You probably don't believe me, but I'm almost finished this room!  Recently, I purchased material for curtains, made her bed skirt, and found some more 3D art for above her dresser.  I'm so excited to mark this room off the list! 
Your turn--what room re-do are you working on?  Do you get it done quickly and spend all of your budget at once or does it take you a while to collect items and/or save up? 

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  1. LOVE this! Now I want to have a baby girl!

    1. ha! my thoughts every time I see anything cool and boyish! Thanks Jaymi!