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Modern Minnie Party: The Invitation & The Birthday Girl.

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As I've stated in previous Minnie Mouse Party posts, my goal was to keep this party simple and inexpensive (but still cute of course!) so I made Genevieve's invitation myself.  Only a few short months later and I already feel like I could do better, but for my first homemade (digital) invitation, I thought it came out pretty well.

Oh my- she looks SO much older than she did just 5 short months ago!
First I did a quick photo shoot of Genevieve wearing the only Minnie Shirt I could find that wasn't ridiculously cheesy or expensive.  Unfortunately it was pink, so I changed the photo to black and white.  Then, I purchased this paper from Etsy. I found a free image of Minnie's bow online. I put them all together in PicMonkey and...voila:

So, I told you all about the food...and the décor...but what about the birthday girl?!
Whenever I think to myself "I can't believe I threw a Minnie Party," I think of how happy she was.  Being so "into" party planning it can be easy to lose sight of what it's really about (um, Genevieve in this case).  Hopefully I was creative enough (and had no problem using others' creativity;) to try to strike a balance between her interests and my style.  Just please God don't let her fall for Dora.  There is NOTHING. I. Can. Do. For. That.


And her family?
I know the upper left photo is crazy, but so are we.  Hence, I love it.
And the party people?
(also family since this was a small "family party.")
bottom right picture is Nadia with her namesake--  Her great grandmother, Nadia.

 Lastly, here are a couple of my favorite photos from our little "birthday invitation shoot:"

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That's all folks!
It only took me FIVE months to finish sharing this party.  Yeah, sorry about that!
What was the last party you threw?  Birthday?  Baby Shower?  What was the theme?!

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  1. While my upcoming cow party isn't super mainstream, I had the same struggle with throwing this party vs. something super cute and fabulous that I chose. But I love what you said-it's all about the little. We wouldn't be doing it at all if it weren't for our sweeties, so focusing on them is key. Will a cow party be as cute as a mustache bash? Maybe not, but my guy chose this theme and is going to love every minute. Plus, a creative challenge is always a good thing, right? I think the party turned out fabulous and very modern, clean and not a typical character party at all! Great job!

  2. If I know you, I'm betting it'll be just as cute as the mustache bash! And if it is, get ready for lots of hoopla because a truly unique theme is hard to come by! I seriously applaud you for doing a theme he picked...I know how hard it is! Ok maybe "hard" is relative but you know what I mean! And at 2?! I put it off until Genevieve was 3! Thanks so much about the party. I tried to make it modern and I was definitely influenced by your work!