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I've had bad luck with DIY projects lately.  
First there was this:

Apparently I was so focused on making sure the chevron pattern went the right way (horizontal) that I forgot to flip the letter when I traced. This was my instagram picture with the caption "this DIY couldn't have been simpler... "

Luckily I had another sheet so I tried again.  And then even though it was almost perfect, I tried to rearrange it, and...well you see the picture.  

Finally on the 3rd attempt, I got it right.  I only had 3 sheets of the paper so it was do or die.  Close up, it's not perfect but I learned from my prior mistake and let it be.  
I sent my friend a phone picture and said the blog post would be titled "Decoupaging a Letter--It's Harder Than You Think."  Oh well. My takeaway: it's much harder to decoupage with lightweight paper.  This wasn't cardstock or even close.  Also as a side note if you've never tried matte modge podge, try it! I like it so much better than glossy and it seems to hide the wrinkles better.  

Then there was this.  
I was really excited to share my latest accomplishment in Genevieve's toddler room, but before I even took the time to blog this bed skirt, it started falling down.  I used the Young House Love guide as a reference and used Velcro to attach it to her bed.  It was falling down the next day.  I can only assume that didn't happen to Sherry.  Stinking DIY geniuses, those two.  BUT in true Tiffany fashion I didn't really take my time and dust or clean her bed with rubbing alcohol (as the Velcro packaging suggested) so I took the entire thing down, did that step, and added more Velcro.  I took this photo the next day.
Next up?  A hot glue gun.  If that doesn't work, I'll just cry. And sorry for the bad photography but I couldn't see whipping out the DLSR and would be like adding insult to injury to spend that amount of time documenting this fail.

Lastly there was this.   
I saw simple and modern rabbit figurines at Target for $12.99.  I figured I'd just find a couple at thrift stores and spray paint them.  Easy peasy right?  Wrong.  I found an almost perfect pair at Salvation Army for $2 each. I say almost perfect because I could've done without the ring of flowers around the bunnies' necks.  Nevertheless with flat white spray-paint on them, they looked great.  Until I went out to the garage the next morning and found the cracks.  I assume it was due to the cold overnight temps?

As a side note, I wish I'd used flat paint for Genevieve's elephant hook (and I still might).  I love the look of it and it would have made it look even more similar to the anthropologie version.

There is no happy ending to this story; it's just my effort to stay true to my mantra of keepin it real.  It's also a cautionary tale that DIY doesn't always pan out.   You're probably saying "Duh.  That's why people buy stuff"  And you're right.  I just happen to be cheap frugal and lately seem to have more time than money so I have to at least try...and in the cases above I don't know that I would have rather spent the cash.
-As for the letter, in the end it did come out great and besides 2 pieces of scrapbook paper I already had, it didn't cost me much (not counting the few gray hairs I most definitely sprouted as a result of my frustration).
-Genevieve's bed has slats across it so I couldn't use a typical bed skirt even if I wanted to (and do they even make those for toddler beds?).
-While the rabbits failed me, I'm not sure I could justify spending $26 on bunny figurines so at least I tried.  Next Easter when the pain has subsided (I'm not dramatic or anything) I'll probably try sanding them down and painting again so maybe I can turn this fail into a success.

So you win some you lose some. It's all part of the game right?!  I like to think for every big fat FAIL I have a few raging successes. And I definitely learn a thing or two every time I fail. And how does that quote go?  Failure is success if you learn from it?  Dear Lord, I hope so.

So tell me, what was your latest DIY fail? 

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  1. While my upcoming cow party isn't super mainstream, I had the same struggle with throwing this party vs. something super cute and fabulous that I chose. But I love what you said-it's all about the little. We wouldn't be doing it at all if it weren't for our sweeties, so focusing on them is key. Will a cow party be as cute as a mustache bash? Maybe not, but my guy chose this theme and is going to love every minute. Plus, a creative challenge is always a good thing, right? I think the party turned out fabulous and very modern, clean and not a typical character party at all! Great job!

  2. I love this, Tiffany!! I'm afraid i chicken out of a lot of DYI stuff for fear of failure. This post reminds me that it's okay to not always get it right. Thanks!