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Red, White, & Cute.

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Originally I planned to post some fun red, white, and blue items for adults.  It all started with this pair of wedges.  And then as usual, the children hijacked my will, emotions, and livelihood and I decided to do a post about kids instead.  I'm not sure why I'm surprised that shopping for them is much more fun than shopping for myself.  But it is. Here are a few fun 4th of July looks for your cutie. Oh and I may or may not have thrown in a few gratuitous photos of my cuties on the 4th of July. 

red, white, and blue for girls
From Left to Right*:
Gap Embellished Americana Top. $24.95
Striped Bow-Tie Romper. $10.45
Americana Ruffled Two Piece. $19.95
Pull On 4th of July Woven Skirt. $16.50
Circo Infant Toddler Girls Stripe One Piece suit. $12.00
Star Bow Flip Flop. $11.87
Americana Color Block Ruffle Dress. $19.95
Red Stripe Pumps. $18.
Mixed Stripe Knit Sundress: $36.00
*some affiliate links included.

Typically I dress the girls like mini versions of myself so cheesy themed wear doesn't make the cut.  That said, there is something so cute about a little one dressed for a holiday.  And in case that's not enough, the photo op is priceless (like this time).  Every so often my mom or mother in law buys something very baby-ish for the girls...something I wouldn't necessarily choose.  But 99% of the time the moment I put it on the girls it becomes cute. Plus I'm reminded that soon enough they'll be wearing grown up clothes so it's ok for them to look like babies, since, um, that's what they are.  I'm their mom and clearly biased and maybe even a tiny bit delusional but I think they have the power to make anything cute.  Which brings me to this:

 My FAVE(above).

Do you have special holiday outfits for your kids?

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  1. I LOVE this! Would be so excited to see what you would come up with for a boy! We always struggle a few days before and end up with something so-so.

    1. Is that a challenge Jessica?! ;) Quite honestly I usually wait until the last minute because I don't want to pay full price...then I panic that everything will be gone. Sometimes I luck out and sometimes I don't!