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5 Fun Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy.

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You know how I always say I like everything cute.  Or I could say everything has the potential to be cute.  Not that everything always is.  I get that.  But sometimes just a little bit of effort and a small amount of cash is SO worth it in the end.  Take pregnancy announcements for instance. After the fun photos we took for our pregnancy announcement--that we will cherish forever and ever-- I am more convinced than ever of the pay off.  When I was researching ideas and products, I found there was a lot (and I mean a lot) out there that I would never spend my hard earned cash on!  I waded and waded through a lot of etsy listings.  I figured I could maybe save someone out there some time by pointing out a few fun places to start.
1. I used bright and bold announcement signs to share our pregnancy news here on the blog.  This method takes some effort but wins for value.  The signs are only $5 (digital copy) and can be purchased here (there are a few different options in her shop so definitely worth perusing!).

2. I LOVE these adorable scratch off announcements. They definitely win for originality.  

3. I wanted to use this pretty drink tag to share the news with my mom on New Year's Eve but didn't pull it off fast enough.  It's definitely an easy and inexpensive option (well except for purchasing the wine).  They'd even be cute on bottled beer/alcoholic beverages served at a family party or gathering.

4. I loved what my friend Jessica over on Live the Fancy Life did to share the news with her friends and family!  The sign is so cute...and her son? Even cuter! 

5. I used a fun and pretty Valentine's Day card from Paige Simple to announce the news to family near and far.  You can take any custom holiday card and add verbiage to make it suitable for an announcement.  I was so sick and exhausted at this point in the pregnancy that this easy method was preferable! I shared the experience here.  

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  1. How fun! The scratch-off announcements are GREAT! I want them and we're done. :(

  2. Love all of the creative ideas, especially the photo. Beautiful!

    1. Thanks! There are so many fun ideas out there! And I love that you can find simple or more creative/complex but they are all so cute!