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Nadia's "Chapter 2" Book Themed Party: The Birthday Girl (Final Post).

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After yesterday's raw post, I thought I'd share the fun one I was working on when my emotions took over.  Today enjoy the last post of Nadia's Birthday party.  You know, before we're celebrating her 3rd birthday!  In this one, I'll share her birthday cake(s), some party people, and of course the most special part--the birthday girl smashing her cake and realizing "wait, this is all for me?"  I love that moment when kids look around at everyone singing for them!  So sweet!
The Birthday Girl:
I should probably end with this, but I'll start with my favorite picture.  During her 1st birthday party she dove into the cake and was NOT shy! It made for great photos.  This time she started out a bit timid but when she saw us all gathering around, her inner model came out. Yeah it made me proud.
I mean, really.  

Jordan got the best close ups!  I just love these!

The Cakes:
I always say I am not a baker nor am I good at decorating cakes but I still try.  I was pretty happy with her cakes and I am starting to realize my challenge is finding a cute way to present cakes without having to really know how to decorate them.  It's actually sort of a fun challenge.

I made the book cake using this tutorial.  I kept it simple with a DIY book page topper and cute "reading" glasses.  You can't tell in this shot but I used vintage books as chargers.  

I loved the cake set up.  The balloons, fairy tale book, hat...everything.  So cute, fun, and simple.

And can I tell you how obsessed I am/was with this mini book topper?!  I have always loved things miniature and tiny books to match the party totally fit the bill.  

The People:
 I know I include way too many photos in these posts but blame Jordan. She gives me so much to work with!  And just look at Nadia's adorable little friends...
 These photos (below) are all family and were taken by my awesome SIL, Christy.  
 Nadia was named after Joe's nana and their birthdays are just 1 day apart (Nadia missed being born on nana's birthday by 4 1/2 hours!). I wish we'd thought to get a photo of the two of them together but at least we got to sing happy birthday to nana and they could share the party!

And our little family: 
 (and I might have gone a bit overboard with matching the party.  oops.) 
(bottom two photos by Christy).

And there you have it.  7 months later. But who's counting?  Most sources were listed in the initial posts. If there's a DIY or source you need, just give me a shout via comment below or email!  Since I'm due the day after Nadia's birthday there's a good chance this will be a pizza and cupcake year (boo!) so this will have to tide me over!  Looking back a bit removed from mishaps, etc, I really loved how it turned out!  I love celebrating my little baby in a creative and fun way.  

Other party posts: Activities. Dessert Buffet.  Decor and Favors.  Invitation.  

Thanks to Captured. NH. for these photos.  

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  1. I love this! The little book garland is my favorite thing ever! So perfect.

    1. Thanks Jessica! Funny how the tiniest details can bring us such joy! lol. Can't wait to see B's dino party!!!! Loved your peeks on IG!

  2. Hello! Did you DIY the tiny book cake topper? It's the beat. I want one for my baby's topper too!

  3. Did you DIY the mini book cake topper? If so, details please! I'm doing a Chapter One theme for my baby and I'd love a topper like that!