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5 Tips For a Small Space Small Budget (But Still Pretty) Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving on Instagram is one thing. Thanksgiving in real life can be quite another. Last year our Thanksgiving was beautiful. But not in that perfect-looks-like-it-could-be-in-a-magazine way. It was beautiful because I was surrounded by those I love in a warm and cozy house eating delicious food. Today I'm sharing a few tips to make Thanksgiving look pretty with a small space and a small budget.

1. Shop your house. I know. I said it here and here and a million other places on the blog.  That's because it works! Most of us have a few seasonal decorations scattered about.  Pull a few items from your shelf or your mantel and put them on your table. And don't forget to bring in a bit of nature. I love using pine cones or acorns for fall decor.
2. Use neutral dishes on $1 chargers.  You can almost always find them during the holidays at the Dollar Tree. Using chargers elevates the tablescape in a big way! I recently saw beautiful white dishes with gold trim at the Dollar Tree and regretted not buying them.  They'd be perfect for your Thanksgiving (and Christmas!) table.
3. Get creative with your table runner.  I used a borrowed burlap runner last year and inexpensive chevron burlap the year prior.  Burlap fabric is often $2/yard and doesn't need to be sewn so it would be the perfect DIY. I've also used kraft paper ($1 at the Dollar Tree), wrapping paper, or fabric I had on hand.  Nobody will judge you if you use a $1 plastic tablecloth from Wal-Mart. And bonus you can toss it afterward.
4. Use free printables as decor. I've used these for the past several years.
5. Move the table. We removed the rug and rearranged furniture and ate in the living room because I didn't have a dining room in the old house.  We used a desk for our "buffet." Get creative.

And remember, no one really cares about your tablescape except for you.  This is what they really care about. 

Bonus: Have fun, relax, and enjoy a beautiful time with friends and family.  Be content. Be thankful. I admit I can be a bit high strung on holidays because I want it all to be so perfect. But as you're in the kitchen cooking listening to Christmas music, take a moment to stop and look at the people around you.  This is what Thanksgiving is all about. I would love to have a perfect table and to be the perfect hostess.  Due to busy-ness, budget, and babies, it's not always possible.  But life doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful. And man, I have so much to be thankful for.

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Happy Thanksgiving Friends!

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