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DIY Hand Stamped Apron

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In honor of the upcoming Thanksgiving meal prep, I thought it would be fun to tackle a DIY apron.  Even better- it’s completely no-sew (unless you want to sew in which case I say have at off).  This fun apron features accent fabric and hand stamping.  Side note: this is a great way to use up those fabric scraps.  

Wood block
Optional: Fabric scraps (I used this amazing fabric).

1. Measure and cut your fabric to match pockets on your apron. Make sure to leave a 3/8 inch seam allowance to match your hem tape width.  Note: If your apron doesn’t have pockets you could always add the fabric as faux pockets or you could skip this step altogether.  It’s the most time consuming part. Another Note: you’ll notice in the photos I didn’t cover the pockets fully.  That was mostly because I didn’t have enough fabric to do so- you can do it either way. It’s a judgment call people.

2. Hem all your pocket accents with the hem tape. The price of “no-sew” is time. It takes a bit longer to do it this way but it’s easy and doesn’t require any sewing skills.  This hem tape is quicker/easier but the other is what I had on hand.

3. Use your heat-n-bond to attach your accent fabric to your pockets.  (Follow the instructions on the heat-n-bond packaging).
[That was the time consuming part! This next step is quick and easy!]

4. Attach your foam pieces to your wood block.  They stick well so make sure you plan out placement.

5. Paint the foam pieces using a foam brush.  Be careful not to use too much paint so that your shapes are precise.  It might take a few stamps to get the amount of paint right so start somewhere inconspicuous or use scrap fabric to do a few test stamps. something. 

Finally, Keep stamping until your apron is covered. That’s it! You now have a beautiful and unique hand stamped apron. Now go bake a pie. Or just buy one and take a selfie holding it in your DIY apron.  I won't tell.

The adhesive foam pieces + wooden block is a pretty genius idea which I saw here first.  

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