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The Easiest DIY Spring Wreath

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Moss Wreath
I have to share this super easy DIY spring wreath.  A couple of weeks ago, I randomly decided that A) I needed to make a wreath and B) It needed to involve moss. Both needs, people. I love moss. I don't know what it is about it but it's just so pretty to me. Turns out it's pretty easy to work with also.
Here's how it went down:

Floral Craft Ring.
Moss. I got mine from Wal-Mart for half this price.
Spray Adhesive.
Faux flowers. Mine were from Michael's and are beautiful! A bit pricey but they were 50% off.
*affiliate links included (I purchased my materials from Wal-Mart and Michael's)

1. Lay your wreath on paper or plastic to protect your surface from the spray adhesive.
2. Working in small sections, spray the adhesive and then place a small amount of moss onto it.
Moss Wreath
3. Continue, leaving a blank space where you'll put your flowers/embellishments.
DIY Moss Wreath

4. At this point, I held the wreath up to check for sparse sections.  For any areas that looked sparse, I sprayed again and attached a little more moss on top.  (If you attach too much the first time, it'll just fall off).
5. If you're using faux flowers on stems, cut them off the stem as close as possible.
DIY Moss Wreath
6. arrange them before gluing to get the look you want. Then glue them down.
Easy DIY Spring Wreath

That's it! I considered making felt flowers (like these that I pinned) or adding a moss "D" but in the end decided to keep it easy!
Easy DIY Spring Wreath

Come back tomorrow for a super fun series featuring some of my rock star friends and fellow bloggers. It's all about how to decorate your home  (despite your children. ha!) and tips from people who seem to have it down pat. See you then. ;)

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