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Look for Less Tassel Curtains

4:43 PM

You guys. Once I get a picture in my brain of what I want, there's no turning back. I'm generally pretty indecisive so when I know what I want, it has to happen (sort of like painting brand new kitchen cabinets). When I came across Pottery Barn's Tassel Blackout Drape, I fell in love. And because I'm working within a tight budget it becomes all about researching a look for less tassel curtain. That's what happened last night. At 11:30 when I should have been sleeping. Maybe my lack of sleep and crazy obsessions can benefit you. (Just humor me). 

Look for Less Pottery Barn Tassel Blackout Curtain
Pillowfort Light Blocking Tassel Curtains. $24.99 (currently 10% off with code PRESIDENT)

PB Teen Lennon and Maisy Tassel Blackout Drape. $109 (currently on special for $79)*

*UPDATE: the pair pictured on the right is no longer available but these are a close second.

Do you like looks for less? My latest couple is here:

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