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Look for Less Tassel Curtains

4:43 PM

You guys. Once I get a picture in my brain of what I want, there's no turning back. I'm generally pretty indecisive so when I know what I want, it has to happen (sort of like painting brand new kitchen cabinets). And because I'm working with a tight budget it becomes all about researching the DIY route and look for less options. That's what happened last night. At 11:30 when I should have been sleeping. Maybe my lack of sleep and crazy obsessions can benefit you. (Just humor me). 

Pillowfort Light Blocking Tassel Curtains. $24.99 (currently 10% off with code PRESIDENT)
PB Teen Lennon and Maisy Tassel Blackout Drape. $109 (currently on special for $79)

Do you like looks for less? My latest couple are here:

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