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Look For Less Modern Wood and Brass Nightstand

9:00 AM

If you follow PRB Instagram stories you might know I was on the hunt for affordable modern nightstands. This is no small feat when you buy giant furniture like we are in the habit of doing (eye roll). Our king-sized bed + oversized headboard (similar to this one) dwarfed every affordable option out there. (And I ordered like 5. No joke). Here are two modern wood and brass nightstands I came across after the fact and I am in love with both. Take a look:

Modern Walnut and Brass Nightstand

Honorable Mention goes to this guy:
Affordable Modern Walnut and Brass Side Table or Nightstand

Incidentally, this is the one we ended up with. It's not quite as substantial as those pictured but it is a generous size (especially for Target furniture). 

I'll come back and share a picture of it in my room- or perhaps share on Instagram. Follow me. duh. ;) 

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