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Look for Less Cane Headboard plus an Honorable Mention

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Opalhouse Cane Headboard in a bedroom
You guys I've been trying hard to focus on one space at a time. Home size is relative so I hate to say "our home is not big," but in my world, it's a modest size. ha! Nonetheless, it's about double our old home so filling it seems daunting. Because every space "needs" something, focusing on just one is so hard! Which is why I came across these cane headboards while searching for beds on all the sites.
Our guest room has a sleigh bed that takes up too much space-- not to mention its early 2000s style. I'm jonesin for a fresh, slim profile bed and that's where this cane headboard comes in (or might?). I first came across the CB2 cane headboard. It's stunning (of course) but I'm not interested in that price tag for a bed that gets slept in 12 times a year. And that brings me to this super affordable cane headboard.

Obviously one is a little more exciting than the other, but hey, if you want cane on a budget I think the Opalhouse version is beautiful! And bonus: it won't be side by side the CB2 version. ha!

Just for fun, here's a rattan headboard at a great price:
Affordable Rattan Headboard

In reality, I'm not sure what direction I'm going to go in the guest room because, I'm not supposed to be thinking about it, remember? I also love this metal bed and this iron one. hmmm. To be continued...

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