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A Batman Party for Dax and Everything You Need To Recreate It

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Batman Party Dessert Table with Easy Batman Cake and Supehero Party favors
Dax turned 4 last week and we threw him a last-minute Batman party with neighborhood friends. Dax and Nadia's birthday are just one day apart and every year I try something different but whatever I try- September always seems crazy!
This year we did two separate parties, a Batman party for Dax and a unicorn party for Nadia. I won't do that again. Ha! Last year we did one party, two themes- Trolls for Nadia and Trucks for Dax. I also said I wouldn't do that again. If you are in the same boat as I am- kids with birthdays close together, PLEASE let me know how you celebrate! I need to simplify.
Little Boy Batman Party in a Batman Shirt

Speaking of simplifying, lately, I've employed the "Party in a Box" strategy. I get a big box and all party supplies (minus cake plates) need to fit in it. In addition, they are about 90% store-bought.  This keeps things simple and keeps me from overdoing it #craftymamaprobs.

At the end of the post, I've linked everything you need for a Batman Party in a box!  

Scroll through to the end to see it but take your time if you need Batman party ideas, or just want to see some cute party eye candy, keep reading.

Party TableEasy Batman Cake

Easy Batman Cake with a Batman cake topper
Meri Meri Superhero Cake Toppers  |  Batman Figure (similar and love the blue and gray option)

We loved this fun cake. And I loved NOT baking it myself. ha! 

Batman Water Bottles and Superhero Masks at a Batman Party

The water bottles were the perfect last minute find but prior to finding them, I was planning to use these!

Batman Party table with batman printable and batman water bottles
Batman printable (so cheap!)  |  Batman plates

In hindsight, I wished I'd blown up the Batman art to a poster size and just used that. It's so cute and was so inexpensive (plus Sam's Club or Costco prints posters for under $10).

Superhero Masks at a Batman Party
 A close up of the masks! So cute and so inexpensive. You can find them here.

Batman Balloons at a batman party

I rarely buy character balloons but when they're this simple and cute...what can I say?

Oreo Tower with double stuffed oreos at a batman party
Oreo Tower- Easy, cute, and tasty. Win. Win. Win.

Modern Batman Party Tablescape
Black pom  |  Striped straws  |   Bud vases (which I sorta thought was genius)  |  yellow poms (recycled from Genevieve's emoji party)

I now have a formula for the party table. Plastic tablecloth + wrapping paper runner + cute paperware + a few poms. Simple, inexpensive, and fun.

Modern batman party ideas
The backdrop was just what I was looking for. It was from Hobby Lobby in store. Also, I kinda hate that my chandelier gets in the way of my parties, but at least it's pretty and matches everything. ;)

Modern Batman party tablescape


girls decorating a masks at a batman party

Choose your identity sign for decorating masks at a superhero party

I found mask printables online and grabbed some craft supplies at the Dollar Tree for the kids to decorate them. I honestly wasn't sure if they'd dig it but they were so into it I barely got a picture before there were glue and sequins everywhere.

blow bubbles with batman activity at a batman party

We also provided bubbles and coloring. Which we include at pretty much every party.

free printable coloring pages for a batman party

Girl coloring a batman printable at a batman party

free printable batman coloring pages for a batman party

We also played 'pin the emblem on Batman' but I drew Batman and am too embarrassed to show you a picture. ha!


veggies with super powers at a superhero party

superhero party food

punch and paper straws at a batman party
Batman's punch. Get it?

Party People

Photo backdrop and batman t-shirts at a batman party

The girls are wearing a boy size small and mine is a boy size XL. I wish I'd seen this Batman tee

It was such a fun party! And Dax loved it. And I love him. If that isn't painfully obvious! Happy birthday, Dax! You complete us!

Modern Batman Party Ideas
 His Batman face. Haha!
Little Birthday Boy at a Batman Party wearing a Batman Cape and mask

Batman Cape for a Batman Party

Backdrop for a Batman Party
Here's everything you need to whip up your own Batman party in no time! 

This post contains affiliate links which means if you purchase something, I get a small percentage at no cost to you! I only share products I've used, I have, or wish I had. ;)

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