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Let's All Be Unicorns! A Unicorn Party for Nadia

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Unicorn party table with the birthday girl
September through Christmas is crazy over here (Back to school, 5 birthdays, Thanksgiving, and Christmas) so forgive this January post on Nadia's September birthday party. It sort of pained me to keep a Unicorn party simple because it was on my list of themes (yes I have a list!) long before it was all over Pinterest. But with only a few guests and a week of planning, I did it. Yay me. haha. Ok so here are a few pictures of her cute and simple Unicorn party. And I've shared sources/supplies at the bottom of the post!

Things to look for:

The EASIEST DIY Balloon Banner

Semi-Homemade Confetti Cookies

10-Minute DIY Unicorn Party Sign

Budget-Friendly Unicorn Headbands

My Cake Fail. Haha.

My favorite decoration was this fun balloon banner. Photos don't do it justice. It was surprisingly easy to make. A little time consuming but I made it a couple of nights prior and it held up just fine. All you need is floral wire and balloons. You roll the wire around the balloon ties and arrange as you go. That's it!
Balloon banner at a Unicorn Party
My balloons were from the Dollar Tree and Walmart but here are similar colors:

Unicorn headbands for a Unicorn birthday party
These Unicorn Headbands were adorable. Another favorite.

We had pizza, cookies, and cake. The food was also super simple. No 5 different types of popcorn! However, I couldn't stop myself from using confetti somewhere for a unicorn party. These confetti cookies were so easy. I rolled vanilla Oreos in candy melt and colorful sprinkles.

Confetti Cookies at a Unicorn Party

The Unicorn Cake was a big FAIL (this party had a few!). I planned to buy one and then, Nadia said "mom, I just don't feel the love with a cake from the store. I love your cakes." And I fell for it. I tried a drip cake and failed. I then made this one and just threw a Unicorn on top. After years of faithful service, my cake icing tool stopped working that night. And the unicorn kept sinking into the cake. I had to fashion a barrier and cover it with "grass" made of coconut I borrowed from my sweet (and healthy) neighbor at 9 pm.  I'm not making this up. I died it green and I'm pretty sure the "grass" was Nadia's favorite part.

a DIY unicorn cake

The Let's All Be Unicorns sign was a simple DIY. I bought these letters and adhered them to a poster board. Some of them did need a dot of hot glue. The hardest part was coming up with a phrase that fit since I'd only purchased one set of letters.
unicorn party table

Party table at a Unicorn birthday party
HOT TIP- use the same wrapping paper to wrap water bottles and as a table runner to make a super random assortment of Unicorn stuff look moderately cohesive. ;)

Party table at a unicorn birthday party

party table at a unicorn birthday party
Unicorn Straws  |  Unicorn Candy Options (Ours were from Dollar Tree)

Place Setting at a Unicorn party

We were supposed to go for a Pony ride but they were canceled for the day (I told you there was a couple of fails!). Thankfully we had a Unicorn Piñata and Pin the horn on the Unicorn (this is a way cuter one!) to keep us busy!
Pin the horn on the unicorn party game

pin the horn on the unicorn party game

unicorn party ideas

unicorn pinata at a unicorn birthday party

Nadia's unicorn dress is from H&M- still available in tiny sizes. There are so many Unicorn dresses available here though! 

Unicorn party ideas

easy unicorn party ideas
easy unicorn party ideas

easy unicorn party ideas

easy unicorn party ideas

Nadia loved her party and we love her. 7 has been good to us ♥ Happy birthday Nadia!

Unicorn Party Supplies (Affiliates included):

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