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New Brass Pendants from a Surprising Source Plus My Favorite Budget Friendly Brass Light Fixtures

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You guys. I got new pendant lights for the kitchen. And I'm obsessed. It's like that quote 'you were everything I never knew I always wanted.' That's how I'd describe these fixtures. I thought I wanted shiny and new. I was wrong. I thought I wanted modern. That was a lie. Turns out I never knew I always wanted vintage fixtures with the most beautiful patina in a rather traditional shape. They're huge and they make my heart flutter. And they came from [drum roll please] FACEBOOK MARKETPLACE. I'm sorry I'm screaming but I just never thought I'd find the perfect affordable brass light fixture on facebook. Craigslist? Maybe but not likely. OfferUp? Probably not.  Wayfair? Overstock? AllModern? Hayneedle? Yes, yes, yes, or yes.

budget friendly large brass pendant
the one I thought I wanted (still love it). From here or here.

But these beauties popped up and I jumped on it. I paid $110 for both which is just over half the price of ONE of these which were the most "me" pendants I could find at a moderately affordable price. To clarify, it's easy to find inexpensive pendants if you want tiny ones. But like rugs, we often choose pendants that are too small for the space. Because, duh, bigger ones are more expensive. But a big bold light fixture makes a statement a tiny one just can't. And that's why I appreciate these beauties so much! Ok- enough about that.
Large Brass Vintage Pendant Light

On to sharing my favorite brass fixtures. But first, a caveat: round-ups with expensive items are plentiful. But in real life, when you're on a budget, you search and search and search for that thing that looks like a million bucks but only costs a few. Here are my TOP finds in each category: affordable brass vanity light fixture, affordable brass sconces, affordable brass semi-flush pendant, affordable large brass pendant, and an affordable brass chandelier. This is the result of hours of searching people! And here they are:

5 affordable brass light fixtures

budget-friendly brass vanity light - no notes here but she's pretty isn't she?!

budget-friendly large brass pendant  - $169 (on sale). Price on Amazon fluctuates between $173 and $218 since I've been watching.  Trust me when I say there is NOT another large brass pendant that looks this good for this price. 

budget-friendly brass semi-flush mount - It's on my to-buy list. I just love its size and simplicity.

budget-friendly brass chandelier   Price shown above is with code 10FORYOU. This one is very similar to mine and I wish it had been available when I purchased mine (for $75!). It has one extra light and is a bit more substantial so it's worth the extra price. For a more modern look, use these tubular bulbs instead of the flame bulbs.
Sherwin Williams Cascades. Brass Sconces. Modern Nightstand. Upholstered Gray Headboard with Nailheads.

budget-friendly brass sconces - We have these in our bedroom and I love them. The one 'con' is that you can't use a cord cover because of the switch. But it is clear so there's that. And it doesn't have to be hardwired for those of us who aren't DIYers or PAYers of professionals. ;) Plus I love the dimmer and the shade actually pivots. (PIVOT!). 

Here they are in a shoppable format (just click the photo) along with other affordable brass lights I've found (This post contains affiliate links):

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  1. I've had good luck faking a cord cover by using painter's tape and then painting over with extra wall paint.

  2. Interested in the brass pendants displayed at the start of this add. Where can I find info for purchase?
    Thank you