Our Patio Makeover Part II - Pretty Real

Our Patio Makeover Part II

8:29 PM

As promised, I'm back to share the other part of our patio makeover! I shared all the background about taking a 10x10 concrete slab and turning it into a pretty patio, here, so make sure to check that out if you're interested! One thing I didn't cover in that post was the reason we decided to have cement poured. Our first choice would have been tile or a floating deck and while either would be amazing, I knew it wasn't in the budget. We also debated a screened porch but I already feel like our home looks like a little box. I really didn't want to add another "little box" onto the back of it. Plus that really affects how much light we get inside. I NEED natural light and didn't want to give it up!
When researching affordable alternatives, I saw options like stamped concrete or pavers, and while those might be appealing, I figured if I'm not going to do something extra special (like tile!), I'd rather just save the cash and go the simple route. I planned to use an area rug anyway, so that worked for us. There are so many stylish outdoor area rugs these days and they can really elevate a simple concrete patio.

I will admit, I started with the lounging area because it's a bit more exciting! ;) But I can't be too mad about going from this...

to this...

Rug  |  Similar Table  |  Vase  |  Faux Stem option 1 or 2  |  Terra Cotta Pots  |  Runner  |  Pillows

Remember how I shared that I wish we'd used a coffee table rather than a tall fire pit over on the lounge side? Well, my regret here is not going with a wood table (especially when the one I wanted went on clearance for $200!). Having a wood table would provide the warmth this area needs to complement the lounge side of the patio. The problem is unless it's teak ($$$), I just don't think it can withstand all the sun, heat, and rain we get in this area.  Someone even sent me a photo of their acacia table after a couple of seasons here in North Carolina and it looked rough. So practicality won (for once. haha). Next year, I may swap some chairs, or add a wood bench to tie it in better, but for now, it stays as is.

Fire Pit  |  Table/similar  |  Bistro Chair / similar (or these or these) |  Umbrella  |  Cafe Lights

I was asked about how much sun we get in our back yard over on Instagram. We opted not to get a covering for this area because I didn't want to limit the amount of light we get inside the house, plus half of the patio is shaded by 2 pm. By about 4/4:30, it's all shaded. We don't spend too much time in the yard at midday in the summer months so it works perfectly for us. That said, we use an umbrella over the table most of the time, so that helps. I originally had a black and white striped one (remember this Instagram) but it competed with the cute bistro chairs, so I swapped it for a light one. That little change made a huge difference and helped tie the two areas in a bit better too!
Bistro Chairs/similar   |  Runner  |  Vase  |  Rug  |  Fringe Pillows  

There aren't a lot of "details" over on this side to share, but here are a few:
Terra Cotta Pot  |  Mini Terra Cotta Pot  |  White Pot (taller version)

Table Runner (just $12.99!)  |  Vase  |  Faux Stem options (these or these)

Before and After
And here are some before and after shots for you!

What's left?

Here's our to-do list for the future (starting this fall but will probably take a few seasons):

- Replace the ugly screen door (soon!)
- Paint the exterior door (fall?)
- Build a trellis type wall on one side of the pergola (or both?)
- Add window boxes and plants
- Paint the swingset (I started but it's SO hot!)
- Build a roof for the swingset
- Mulch/edge around the swingset
- Up our landscaping game
- Buy or DIY Shutters for the windows

Phew, that's a long list. Here are some other patio related posts:

I'll be back with tips on building a modern pergola! 

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  1. Wonderful job! Very pretty and inviting, I think wisteria or clematis would look amazing, any vine type of flowers would be. Thanks for sharing with us. I'll do something like this in the next year I hope

  2. Tiffany, your patio is great inspiration. Thank you for posting.

  3. Such small touches can add so much charm...beautiful makeover!