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A Pantry Project- the Before and a Mood Board

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There are some projects that you have in mind from the moment you move in. The pantry is that for us. I'm grateful to have a pantry for sure but it isn't the most practical set up so when I had to choose a space to organize for a collaboration (I'll share that post in a few weeks!), we decided to tackle the pantry. The timing is tight and I have big dreams so it'll be a race against the clock but I'm super excited to mark this off the list soon! Here's the embarrassing before:

As you can see, it has a good deal of wasted space, not enough shelving, a boob light, and flat yellowish beige paint. So like, it needs work.  A lot of work.

Our plan is to rip the wire shelving out, repair the walls, wallpaper the pantry, build shelves using MDF, and put the entire thing back together- oh, and make it pretty. We also need to paint the ceiling- can we just talk about how our entire home, including ceilings, was painted in the worst shade of builder's beige in a FLAT finish?! Ok, I'm digressing. Anyway...

Here are some pantries I'd saved before even beginning our project.

We are using John and Sherry's tutorial for the shelving in our pantry, although ours is a corner pantry so we'll be adding brackets where the shelves meet. I love how simple and practical it is. 

Samantha's pantry is so beautiful. Mine will be filled with way more unattractive food but a girl can dream, right? I planned to wallpaper from the beginning but after seeing this, there was no turning back.

Another corner pantry from Modern Nest boasts style and organization. Again, mine will include slightly more food. ha. I really don't see myself decanting everything so it won't look as edited but I love this inspiration nonetheless.

And here is the mood board I've come up with so far! 

What do you think? Is your pantry pretty, practical, both? 

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