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Pink Vintage-Inspired Rug Round Up!

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Pink Vintage-Inspired Rug Round Up!

For Genevieve's new room, I followed the sage advice to start with the rug. That's often the hardest part for me so I figured I'd begin there and then base other decisions off of that choice. If you don't know where to start, it's a great way to get going. I love the rug we chose but I had a bunch of options saved so I thought I'd share them here. Many of these pink vintage rugs have an ethnic or a boho feel which I'm always drawn toward. Here are my favorite pink (and some coral) vintage inspired rugs. 

Pink Vintage-Inspired Rug Round-Up!

From Left to Right (prices are for the 8x10 size unless noted):

Row 1

Loloi Loren Charcoal and Pink Rug. My  friend has this one and it's gooood! $177

Row 2
Loloi Loren Traditional Terra Cotta/Sky Rug. I ordered a sample like this. It's GORGEOUS! $237
Vibe by Jaipur Pink and Orange Rug.  Love this entire line or rugs! $338.

Row 3

Row 4
Loloi Margot Coral and Blue Rug. Love that this one is  more plush. It's more coral than pink but so pretty! $339
The Curated Nomad Pink and Blue Trellis Rug. Another that was at the top of the list! $296
Ginia Medallion Blush and Beige Rug. I NEED to find a place for this! Oh and according to reviews it's lighter in person. $376 (but it's almost 8x11!)

Oh and for one more option check out the rug we have in the loft. It's a tribal style with plenty of pink, navy, brown, and tan. It's gorgeous!

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