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An Organized and Pretty Linen Closet

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Thank you Target, for sponsoring this post!

In January I always get a burst of organizing energy. Sometimes it's the only time all year it happens (haha) so I take advantage by tackling a few pain points in our home. The linen closet rose to the top of the list because it's been begging for some organization and I needed to relocate the craft closet (RIP to our pretty craft closet!) since Genevieve will be moving into the room the craft closet is in. My goals with this linen closet organization were:

1. Keep it simple- I didn't want a ton of storage solutions that would be challenging to keep up with.

2. Get creative to make extra room for our craft/creative supplies in addition to our linens, and

3. Corral Miscellaneous linens - Find bins (and make 'em pretty!). It's an easy way to hide old sheets.

Enter the Brightroom™ collection at Target. First of all, let me say it was a challenge to stick to just one space as I was perusing all the fantastic organizing finds (you'll definitely see some of these products pop up in future projects) because they are so simple, stylish, affordable. But first, how about this before? [hangs head in shame]

And now the After:

The Breakdown:

First, I added more shelves. Just like in our pantry, the space was totally underutilized with 3 wire shelves. I used the same method to add 5 shelves to the closet. Besides the size of the closet, I took the basket size into account when determining shelf depth- I ended up at 15" deep.

Next I jotted down the various items I needed to store- towels, sheets in several sizes, table linens and pillow covers, craft and Cricut supplies, party supplies, etc. This way I'd know how many baskets or bins I needed and could look at my list to determine the best type of container to purchase. 

Then I made a little mood board to decide which baskets I'd use and the paint color- this is optional but if you want it to look pretty, it doesn't hurt! Brightroom has a variety of options in terms of size and style- so many different products to get the job done. I ended up grabbing the items above plus these drawer organizers. Don't be afraid to think outside of the box with how you use an organizational product. Now the back of the door is pulling its weight by housing tons of little craft/home supplies and for only $17.

I love the flexibility of this cart! It will sometimes live in the closet (as seen below) but I see it moving around to wherever we need it- something I wish the craft closet could've done. I used these little bins to keep things separate within the trays.

Finally, I pulled it all together! I'm still deciding if I need to label the bins- We'll live with it a bit and see. I love how it turned out- It's now functional and pretty 'cause that's how I roll.

Have you organized anything lately? Seriously, make your first stop this collection- I bet you'll find just what you need! Here are some of my favorite baskets, bins, and carts from the collection!

Shop them here:

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