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Budget-Friendly Window Coverings in Our Home

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There are certain home décor categories that you innocently delve into before realizing how broad they are and how expensive they can be. I almost always see a photo online and instantly fall in love with something well out of my price range. oops. Thus begins the quest to find something I love that's easier on the budget. Next comes me sharing with you, well, because I love you.  And generally on said quest, I learn a few things too. So here are a few things I've learned about window coverings and my favorite budget picks that we have in our home. Make sure to check out the GOAT budget option from amazon, at the end!

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Why I Love Woven Shades:


One word: TEXTURE. If you don't have much of that in your home, window coverings are an easy and gorgeous way to add it. 


Another thing I love about woven shades is that they're an affordable way to add real wood to your home. Thanks to modern technology, any natural material can be replicated. And while I appreciate that, nothing can replace the feel the real thing brings to your home. Natural wood blinds are much less of an investment than real wood floors so if you're looking to add some authenticity to your home, this is one way to do it. Side note, I love how Lauren Liess describes authentic materials in this book

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The blinds in our living and dining room are completely custom and come in beautiful materials. They are currently 40% off so if your windows could use new blinds, now is the time! Here are the specs for ours:

Inside or Outside Mount?

When you order blinds, you'll need to decide if you want them mounted inside or outside. If your window trim is very simple or non-existent, outside mount can be a way to disguise that (example seen below). And also, it's just a preference! Some people simply prefer outside mount. My favorite look is inside mount with beautiful curtains flanking the window like in our living room. If your window is in a tight spot and you don't have a lot of room for curtains, blinds are the way to go- mounted inside if your trim is fantastic; mounted outside if your trim is underwhelming. Speaking of a tight spot...

Roman Shades

Over the years I've become familiar with woven blinds but Roman shades was a new territory. When I realized our office windows coupled with the built-in desk and the built-in shelving left zero room for curtains, Roman Shades came to the rescue! I found an illustration that was helpful but in the end, I always lean toward simple, clean lines so I went with a classic fold. I ordered samples (remember this?) and highly encourage you to do this! Here are the specs of ours.

Roman Shades  |  Office sources can be found here

Here are a few more examples of woven blinds in our home. The blinds in the loft are a great price and come in a few colors. They are cut to size and guaranteed to fit! You can see here how they look without window trim. Since our sofa is right up against the window and nearly pins the curtains to the wall, I'm debating doing an outside mount and ditching the curtains. We plan to add trim eventually. Stay tuned...

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My Favorite Budget Blinds from Amazon

I am in love with the look and price of these blinds from Amazon. They are custom and you can add a backout liner like I did in both of the girls' rooms. They come in 11 variations, with or without a blackout liner.

(We are mid project in Nadia's room)

Custom Blinds from Amazon

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  1. Love these ideas and inspiration! Thanks for doing all the leg work

  2. I really like blinds because they are really economical and also durable and don't get dirty easily.

  3. The article on friendly window coverings was really helpful! I've been looking for ways to make my home more eco-friendly, and switching to sustainable window treatments seems like a great place to start. Thanks for the tips!