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Realistic Fall Stems and How to Style Them

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I prefer subtle fall decor (ie you'll find just a pumpkin or two in my home). In that vein, I also prefer preserved floral, grasses, or twigs to faux flowers but sometimes it's hard to maintain preserved stems season after season. A few I'd stored lived their best lives and it was time to replace them. Here are the few stems I grabbed plus 6 more, starting at just $15. And here are some ideas to style faux fall stems!

Idea 1: In  a tray. Grouping items together makes an impact and I love how in this case, it works for Halloween too. Choose some combo of flowers/leaves in a vase, decorative objects, dishes, napkins, books, candles and candle accessories, and fruit.

Rug  |  Top left+ - no longer sold  |  Top Middle  |  Top Right

Idea 2: A single dramatic stem. I love when you can get away with just one stem. Don't get me wrong- six of these would look AMAZING, but one makes an understated statement that I love. Plus it doesn't impede the view of the TV.

Idea 3: In a dramatic vase with a lot of contrast. The angle here makes this vase look smaller but in real life, it's a generous size. The size and color coupled with the moody dark color of the flowers is a vibe.

Idea 4: Preserved flowers in a black vase. This look uses the contrast I mentioned above but with a dark vase, light floral combo. Black vases are perfect any time of year IMO, but in fall, they compliment moody warm floral so well. And again, this works for Halloween too- you could use orange or gold flowers in them to drive the point home (see round up above!).

Pampas Grass  |  Coffee Table  |  Rug  |  Other Loft Sources

Which look is your favorite?

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