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Halloween Decor and Hosting Tips

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Thank you Walmart for sponsoring this post.

Listen, I know it feels like Christmas is upon us but let me give you permission to take a deep breath and observe Halloween and Thanksgiving first. (I'm also taking that breath haha). This year we leaned into Halloween by saying YES to hosting a Halloween/fall party for my 13-year-old and a few of her friends. Walmart made it easy to decorate our home and keep hosting budge-friendly, fun, and stress-free. Here are my tips for easy Halloween hosting on a budget! PS- even if you're not having a formal party, simply providing snacks and adding a few spooky candles before trick or treating (or any time in October really) levels up the holiday! Here are those tips:

1. Use consumable items. If you did a deep dive into the vault of this blog you'd know I like to throw parties. But over time, things have gotten less elaborate. Purchasing fewer items that get used up or eaten up by the end of the night is a great way to scale back, while still being creative. Namely, candles, snacks, and real flowers go a long way in creating a fun and festive environment without having to store or toss things.

1B. Speaking of consumable, go easy on yourself and grab ready made treats. I shop Walmart's seasonal snacks and food every holiday, then pair it with packaged food and candy in a cute and fun way! 

2. Focus on one area. Gone are the days where I set up on-theme moments/details throughout the main living area and I'm not even mad at that. Focusing on our dining table gives the kids and adults a fun place to settle, a cute photo opp, and a limit to how much I get to (or have to) do and buy.

3. For your party table, use varying heights. It keeps things interesting and differentiates it from a  table set for a regular meal. Cake stands achieve this really easily but get creative here- I've used an upside down fall bucket, baskets, etc.

4. Create a spooky vibe with candles. For Halloween specifically, Walmart has very cool candles that are fun and affordable! The jarred candles smell amazing and I can't wait to reuse the red candles for Christmas. The tapers specifically are just so pretty and well priced!

5. Plan a few activities ahead of time- these don't have to be elaborate. We painted pumpkins- we found the best price on small pumpkins from Walmart and used paint we had on hand (although Walmart also carries acrylic paint in its craft section). 

BONUS- grab items you can reuse as decor in your home. After the party, I transformed our bookshelves with the candles and the spooky house.

What tips would you add? Make sure to shop Walmart for your seasonal decor and hosting- it's so fun to peruse the aisles for holiday finds and great deals! To make it easy and save you some time, I've rounded up a few of my favorite Halloween finds here. You can also shop the post below!

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