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Making Chic A Tad Bit Cheaper

1:27 PM

So I can't exactly say this is 'breaking news' but I just discovered Rock and Republic's "Recession Collection!" Since I was laid off a few months ago I haven't exactly been shopping for designer jeans (never mind the fact that I purchased a pair of J. Brand jeans a few days before I was laid off and loved them so much that even after I had no income I couldn't bear to return them!). Well many people are in my plight (or fear becoming unemployed) and in response R&R launched their "Recession Collection" back in March. I think it's a phenomenal idea and I LOVE R&R jeans and think they are amazing. I'm not sure if I'm the only one who gets annoyed when looking at "Looks for less" in magazines and finding items like earrings, a purse, or a scarf, for $150. I'm that really their for less?! Because my for less for a scarf would be more akin to $7.99. That said, these jeans are still relatively expensive for the average American (whose median household income in 2007 was just over $50K). However at about $130, they are much less than the typical pair which range in price from $175 to an astounding $345. The jeans are amazing! They look pretty much the same as the 'normal' pairs minus a few bells and whistle embellishments...and seriously you can't beat the price for designer jeans! Buy them at!

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