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Apples never looked so good...

10:45 AM

While researching maternity photos (more on that later), I discovered a fabulous website that carries women's, girls, preteens, plus, and maternity clothes. Talk about one size fits all; this site truly caters to every woman. I am totally into pretty much anything aesthetically pleasing, so the layout of this site and its adorable name, Shabby Apple, caught my attention immediately. But besides the package, the content is incredible. They offer a solid variety of couture-ish pieces at affordable prices. Seriously, this chic maternity dress in the most amazing green ever almost makes me want to stay pregnant a bit longer! (I said almost). But since I'm in the home stretch, I'm happy to peruse the baby clothes instead. This adorable "queen of hearts" dress is just one of the many charming and original pieces on the site. If you're loving me for introducing you to this site, you're welcome. If you're hating me for feeding into your online shopping addiction, I'm sorry. Nevertheless, Enjoy. ☺

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  1. I adore Shabby Apple! Since finding them via the Rockstar Diaries a while back, I covet new items from their site on a regular basis :)

  2.'re really doing it! amazing start to what will obviously be a great blog!

    that said, you chose a great line to launch it...i JUST bought a dress from shabby apple about two months ago for my sister-in-law's baby shower and it was a hit! it is a great site...and even greater product! if you do order(for you or baby d) you're gonna love it!

  3. Why am I JUST learning about shabby apple in my 8th month of pregnancy? And why are you girls holding out on me?! ;)