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Decorating a Nursery on a Budget...

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But still fit for a princess!
For some time, I've been meaning to post about decorating a nursery on a budget. But what do you know- you have a baby and all of a sudden you don't have time to reminisce about how fun it was to prepare for that baby. It's all you can do to keep up with around the clock feedings, play time, and poop parties. :) In any case I figure I should get started, though I may have to post in a couple of installments [insert Genevieve's crying here].

Ok, I'm back. :) I love to decorate. In a perfect world I'd have a slew of HGTV employees lined up just waiting for me to give them orders on building, painting, and creating the perfect roomscape. In the real world (you know- the one where I am still unemployed) I knew I'd have to decorate a nursery on a budget. When I found out it was a girl (or as the sonographer so exuberantly stated "It' a female") immediately my mind went to oodles of pink with maybe black accents. I started looking at designer bedding like these, imagining pink walls and a cool black mini chandelier with baroque like accents. While I still love the idea of pink and black, I also think it's the next pink and brown which in my humble opinion was once unique but is now quite popular (kind of like the names Olivia, Sophia, and Isabella).

From Left to right: Lizzie Baby Bedding: $850.  Flourish Baby Bedding: $540. Ashlyn Baby Bedding: $450.

I ended up choosing the bananfish lily collection bedding from Target (left bottom).  This bedding is so much fun and more importantly much more budget friendly. While this bedding was more affordable it was also a knock off of the far more expensive "Kate" set by Serena and Lily (left top), so I at least felt like I had a bit of designer inspiration in her room, which was important to me. My goal was vintage modern. And I found just that with a vintage print in modern colors. Adding a bronze mirror and bronze window hardware gave it another unique touch and while I'll admit the pink is a bit over the top (I seriously never thought I'd paint a girl's nursery pink...just too typical right?!), using two tones of pink and adding chair rail at least helped avoid an overwhelming Pepto-bismol feel (at least I hope it did--you may disagree!). I was pleased with the end result and even more pleased that I stayed within my budget! Let me know what you think--and feel free to post a comment with your own tips about decorating a nursery!

PS- Check back tomorrow for more details on the topic, my top 5 tips for decorating a nursery, and more pictures...

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  1. LOVE the pink - especially with the fresh, cheerful green! what a pretty room for a perfectly pretty girl :)

  2. Thanks Amanda! I had a lot of fun with is totally PINK but I just couldn't help myself! ;)

  3. Great look Tiff! One of the special things that you did, that really pays off is that you painted the ceiling! If you had left it white, it would have drawn the eye up and been distracting. By painting it, you let the pink stand out - along with the green. There is still enough white in the crib skirt and bumpers that it keeps everything fresh! Great job! A soothing look even with the POP! My Favoritie on your page!