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A Southern Summer Supper

10:11 AM

This wonderful summer weather has me craving a delightful outdoor dinner party with friends.  Delicious food, great conversation, wonderful warmth even after the sun goes down!  I came across this Ultimate Southern Porch Supper by Scott Peacock over at BHG.com, and I can just picture the spread across a giant rustic wood table.  Check out some of the offerings on the menu....

Throw in some sparkling tealights, a few rustic wildflower bouquets in mason jars, and a group of great friends, and you'll have a night to remember!

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  1. ahem, any time you want to have THIS dinner party with friends, you just call me. k?

  2. Got it Abby. How bout since we're skipping the soiree we do a outdoor dinner party for all the girls in August? :)