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Design with a Conscience

6:08 PM

Ok so I know I've been a bit baby and kid obsessed lately...and I promise
that will stop soon. But not today. Today I was made aware of a new partnership. Target has joined "Baby Buggy"--founded by Jessica Seinfeld.  This line of designer baby products helps families in need. Petunia Picklebottom and Maira Kalman have designed baby essentials for the average consumer. The best part (besides adorably fashionable baby stuff at prices I can afford)? 10% of each purchase goes toward families in need. This includes those affected by domestic violence, impoverished families, families in homeless shelters, and court child centers. As if I needed another reason to buy adorable stuff for Genevieve! I wasn't even going to blog about this for fear of our childless followers being disinterested, BUT I went to Target today and after standing at the end cap admiring (and by that I mean, trying on, and trying to convince myself that I need a 3rd diaper bag) the Petunia Picklebottom diaper bag, I decided I just HAD to share this news. The stuff is way cuter in person and it's such a good cause I can't remember why I wanted to keep it to myself. So head on over to Target and get something for the little love of your life or for that baby shower that's on your calendar. Not only will you be helping a family who needs it but you'll also be one stylish mama with one fashion forward baby.

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