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So Cute it's ScArY!

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I was mad that Genevieve just missed out on Halloween last year (The bun in the oven needed a bit more time to bake!).  I kept saying to Joe, I want to put her in one of those little bunting costumes (the pea in the pod is my favorite)!  Joe in his calm way told me to just wait, that I'd have plenty of Halloweens to dress her up for.  And since I really didn't have a choice, I agreed. Now that she's too big for the bunting variety I had to find a new favorite.  But looking at adorable little kids in the cutest costumes ever was hardly a chore!  Here are some of my favorite affordable options!  And don't worry mommies of little boys, I included some cute boy options for you too...

All three of these costumes are simply adorable but I am in LOVE with that lamb costume.  How can a baby costume actually look chic?!  And I obsessed about the flower costume too...My little Genevieve would look so cute peeking out from those petals.  The kitty costume is cute but even better?  $11!  Can't beat that! 

Here are some of my little boy faves.  Can you imagine your little honey all wrapped up in this cozy bear costume?  The Peter Pan costume is sure to please mom and little boy.  It's whimsical while being adventurous.  And just look at that banana atop the little monkey's head!  Need I say more?

Have a fun and safe Halloween and feel free to post the link to your little one's costume!!

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