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New Year, New "To Do"

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The New Year always brings with it the promise of new beginnings. That's what I'm most excited about this year. I only wish I wasn't so OCD...because once I decide I want to accomplish something, I can't sleep until I research all the options and run myself ragged trying to do it...Don't get me wrong-- I'm not an overachiever. If I were, my abs would be flat and my house would be clean. Yet, that doesn't exactly stop me from zeroing in on that one thing I HAVE to do and looking at researching every site under the sun until I've done it. Then playing Monday night quarterback and going over and over what I did right, but mostly, what I could have done better. And then demanding a do-over. OK, that glance into my psyche may have been a bit too much... I'm saying all of this to basically say, I want to accomplish some big goals this year! In all areas, but right now I'm obsessing over my house. You know, the one that I have not done a thing to for several years (besides Genevieve's nursery). For whatever reason (unemployment, pregnancy, the combination of the two?) I just haven't had the finances or the time to do it. But now that Joe and I have decided we will not be buying a bigger more beautiful house any time soon (sniff sniff and damn you Dave Ramsey!), I have decided that I must make some updates to my current home or I might die. Or kill someone. SO here are just a few projects I've listed out for this year. I plan to use this blog to walk you through these tasks as I complete them...and seek your advice along the way!

Update the living room decor.
The "drapes" from Target and the Christmas Tree shop just aren't cutting it anymore!! And blue and brown is sooo last year (or a few years before that?)!

Create a play space for Genevieve.
We literally have all of her riding toys "parked" outside of her bedroom door...right in the middle of the walkway toward the kitchen. In other words, waiting to be tripped over. With a birthday in November and Christmas last month she went from having a few baskets full of toys to having toys everywhere!

Re-do Genevieve's room.
Why did you guys let me paint it PINK? I'm over it!! And it's so much more of a 'nursery' than a toddler room. I need it to be way more functional. But of course, pretty!

Finish...well everything.
OK, not everything...but you know how it is--you move in, and you do what you can and you get all excited and you go shopping and you paint...and then slowly you run out of cash or steam or whatever and things remain undone. I have a half spruced up bathroom, a dining room with no art...etc, etc.

Mantle, Mantle, Mantle.
Paint and decorate. I need it to be fresh and modern with a bit of vintage appeal. Why is that so hard?

Curb appeal.
My husband has worked really hard to grow grass. There's not a ton of it but it was entirely dead sod and mulch when we moved in so it's progress! Nevertheless I have put zero effort into shrubs, flowers, mulching, etc. It looks a bit sad.

Create a pantry.
As in, kind of make one up where it doesn't exist. That's what happens when you buy a 60 year old house. You have to create space.

Did I say just a "few" things? I lied. I could go on and on but I'll stop for now! I know I need to narrow this list down and then focus on one area at a time. But something about writing it all down makes me feel it's going to happen eventually.


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  1. I just noticed the '08 in the graphic I chose for Happy New Year. Oops.