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10 Things I Love About You

10:41 AM

10 Things I love about Valentine's Day

Dear St. Valentine,
1. I love that you force me to do something nice for or say something nice to another human being...Let's face it, if left to our own devices, we would often forget to tell our husbands how much we love and appreciate them (even when they forget to take the garbage out).

2. Whether we're single or in a relationship, you remind us that we love someone...that someone might be our boyfriend, fiance, or husband...but it could also be our sister, best friend, or mom...and that's awesome.

3. You make me go through my panty drawer and get rid of anything purchased (well I'm embarrassed to say just how long) but too long ago...and you give me an excuse to go into Victoria's Secret.

4. One word: CHOCOLATE.

5.Two words: Fancy Dinners.

6. You are an excuse to dress Genevieve up in red and pink (as if I needed another excuse for that girl to wear pink), such as this adorable graphic tee and the cutest pair of red sweatpants that look like a miniature version of my Victoria Secret PINK sweats...dressing her never gets old.

7. You were the impetus to the beautiful dozen red long stemmed roses sitting on my desk.  (Thank you honey).

8. You make me love love.

9. You give us another excuse for a last minute run to Target.

10. You make us realize how blessed we are to have people in our lives who love us and who we love dearly (Husband, Genevieve, Mom, Dad, In-Laws, Sisters, Brother, Megan, Abby, Angela, that means YOU among others).

 I lied. One more.

11.  You remind us that...

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