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New Hampshire's own GROUPON

10:54 AM

I love sites like groupon, groupdealz, livingsocial, etc. Oftentimes the fabulous deals offered can't be beat...and I love anyting that helps me justify spending cash on something fun. (Don't you?!) However unless you live in a 'major' city, it can be more disappointing than fabulous, when you see deal after deal that requires a 60 minute drive to Boston. Anyone else go to Boston all the time in your head, but in real life, only go once or twice a year (not includiing the hell I like to call the airport)? And now that any outing includes shelling out cash for a babysitter in addition to whatever fun filled evening we have planned, I'll be lucky if I get there once a year going forward. That's where The NH Daily Deal comes into play! These deals are for local businesses right here in scenic New Hampshire. Now, I'm not gonna lie...I'm not necessarily drooling over every single deal I've seen on this site. But the beauty of these sites is that one day you may get a coupon for mustache grooming (totally not my cup of tea), but the next day it might be for a fancy bistro downtown (totally up my alley and purchased promptly!) if you simply open the e-mails you get daily, you're sure to find something to tickle your fancy eventually! Right now I'm debating purchasing the deal for half off golf in Amherst for husband for father's day. See, how handy this site is?!

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