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Look for Less: Casbah Mirror.

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I'm at it again.  Spray painting that is. :)  I won't even link to all my posts about spray paint because there are just too many (and soon to be many more).  But I did want to highlight this look-for-less project. A while ago I was researching decor ideas for my mantle.  I never know what to do there and the old standby of a mirror, framed pictures, and candles just seemed so boring.  I came across this photo over at Centsational Girl and fell in love with not only her seasonal mantle decor but also this mirror! When I saw it, I immediately clicked the link to Lamps Plus and was just as quickly disappointed at the price tag.  I'm a bit annoyed that I can't remember just how much it was (and now it is sold out there and on Amazon who also used to sell it) but I think it was somewhere around $160.  I can barely spend that on a rug, let alone a mirror.  Of course I searched the Internet trying to find it for less but to no avail.  Enter HomeGoods.  I am in love with that place for so many reasons and this mirror is just the latest of them.  I scored a Casbah look alike for $24.99.  It was smaller but so is my fireplace so that was ok.  It was also black, so I spray painted it gloss white.  I was scared- I'd never spray painted something brand new.  If you mess up a $10 find from a thrift store or a cute little 'found object' that you got at the dollar store- who cares.  But to mess up something brand new...Let's just say I tried my hardest not to rush through the project like I usually do.  Unfortunately I failed to take 'before' and 'process' pictures, but here is the after.  You can imagine it black right? :)

As you can see, I still haven't styled my mantel! And I'm not naming names Joe DeLangie, but someone has been procrastinating on actually hanging the mirror for months so there it sits propped against the wall.

Paint and decorate the mantle (and buy new sconces) has been on my to-do list for some time so when that project is complete I'll be sure to blog it.  (wow I just totally depressed myself by revisiting that to-do post only to find not one thing is complete.  Well I suppose I was busy carrying, having, and caring for her  not to mention decorating her nursery which kind of took priority over everything else...so I guess I'll give myself a break)! ;)

As for the process, I basically taped it off with blue painter's tape using newspaper to cover the mirror.  A word of advice for painting mirrors, make sure you cover it thoroughly to make sure no paint seeps through.  Paint did get on my mirror but lucky for me, I was able to scrape it off.  I'm not gonna lie though; I panicked a little.  If I paint a mirror again, I might use plastic just to be on the safe side.  I probably sound like a stalker at this point, but Live the Fancy Life prompted this post, as she took on a very similar project recently.  Take a look at her post- she has a photo of the before, during, and after.  Next time I'll remember to do that!  I promise! ;)

So, are you a spray paint fan yet?!  

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  1. Love your mirror, where did you find it for such a good price?