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Home Sweet Home[goods].

9:49 PM

HomeGoods.  I love you.  I want to marry you.  And live in a house of design and style and texture and patterns and happiness.  Oh, Hi.  I didn't realize you could hear me.  Clearly I'm HomeGoods Happy.  After reading this post over at A Place for Us, I could no longer deny my HomeGoods crave.  When Nadia skipped her nap yesterday, Genevieve woke from hers, and it was nice out, I decided it was the perfect opportunity for an impromptu trip to HomeGoods.  I got the kids in the car quickly and headed to one of the two HomeGoods near me.  Here are a few gems I found.

[I started this post weeks ago so this is my disclaimer that these items may not be around any more!).

I didn't jot down prices, nor did I take enough photos of the tons of other cool and inexpensive things I found there!  I felt like I was taking a lot of photos but when I got home I realized it only felt like a lot because I felt awkward taking pictures in the store! lol.

Anyway, come back soon so I can show you the item I actually purchased as well as the super fun 'found objects' I purchased just yesterday (from HomeGoods) for the living room re-do I briefly mentioned here and here.  I am so happy with them and can't wait to share!

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