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Cowboy Party.

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Do you remember when I mentioned my nephew's birthday party--the one that got me thinking I better get on the party planning ball with Nadia's party?  Well here we are over a month later and I am just sitting down to share some photos with you.  My sister-in-law, Erin did such a good job planning a cute cowboy themed party and created some adorable "moments."  She knew she wanted to do a fun and masculine theme.  Her husband is an outdoorsy type who's also a police officer.  And let's just say he was totally on board with a cowboy theme.  How often do husband's get excited about party stuff?!  I thought it was so cute how "into" it he was!  Besides honing her party planning skills, my sister in law is also a master cake decorator!  I didn't get a good shot of the cake but there's a tiny photo below...

Some highlights to look for:

Mini Cacti used as party decor.  Gingham tablecloths. Cowboy frames. Adorable 3 tiered cowboy cake.

Keep reading for adorable cowboy party inspiration:

Birthday boy and his mama

The birthday boy.  Denim overalls from here.  Bandannas from here.

 Party Decor:

Sheriff badges from here.  Cowboy frames from Hobby Lobby.  And just look at that amazing cake!!  {please note there will be nothing as amazing at Nadia's party!} ;)

My other sister in law, Christy (yes, the same one who designed Nadia's invitations) designed the cute vintage cowboy banner. The fence was adorned with tons of sky blue, red, and white balloons.  The favors were bandannas, cowboy hats, sheriff badges, and water guns--all from Oriental Trading Company.  The mini hay bales were from K-Mart (I think). The gingham tablecloths were from Wal-Mart.  

Party People:

These photos are mostly of my nieces and nephews at the party.  Take a look at the tiny photo at the bottom left.  Yes, that's right--there was a real live PONY at the party!  Can you even believe it?!  There was also a complete petting zoo- compliments of my mother-in-law.  Clearly, a party planner at heart. ;)  

From the top left: Genevieve refusing to give Gianna (cousin) space.  Nadia posing nicely for the camera.  The girls petting the bunnies.  The "wild bunch"-- 4 out of 6 cousins!, My cuties posing on the hay, Joe's uncle Dick helping Genevieve get over her fear of the animals,  Nadia riding the pony (Genevieve refused), My parents-in-law all decked out in their red and white, My other nephews Max and Luke, Me and Nadia.  A few of us are missing from the photos (sorry husband), but you can tell what a wild bunch we are, can't you?! 

Other cute elements I didn't photograph (or post): 

fun red, white, blue, and khaki tissue paper poms (my contribution to the party!), trail mix in mini paper bags wrapped with twine, cowboy signs (saloon, etc), and hay bales.  

The weather was perfect, the food was delish-pulled pork (mmmm!), and the birthday boy was just adorable.  What more can you ask for?  Let's just hope the party gods smile down on me in a week and I get the same results!

What about you?  What cute parties or events have you attended recently?

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  1. Where could I order the Cowboy Birthday party invite? So cute!!