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Reader Room Redesign: E-Design Board.

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Coral Room Decor
Inspiration Board.
So I've been working on a few projects lately...and as a result haven't had time to tell you about them!  Of course accomplishing things is a little more important than writing about them (I have no idea how people do both successfully!) so I figured I should focus on the former.  But I finally wrapped them up (read about one of them here) so I figured I should at least begin the documenting process!
A while ago I'd commented on a friend's post asking about interest in paying for party design boards (as a side note, would YOU be interested in something like that?!).  I told her I was curious about the response because I've considered offering that service myself.  Well a Taste{Full} reader saw that and thought she remembered that I was offering the service.  I didn't have the heart to tell her that wasn't the case! I was actually really excited that she came to me and was eager to help. She and her husband are planning on redoing her 13 year old cousin's room for her birthday (how sweet are they?!) and needed some assistance.  All they could get from her was that she wanted orange and neon green.  Yes. Orange and neon green.  Well funny enough I've been dying to use orange somewhere (if I ever decorate a boy nursery expect that color to show up) so that part didn't scare me.  The neon green part did. I decided rather than go with her explicit instructions of orange and neon green, I'd use toned down versions of those colors.  Colors that she she wouldn't tire of in 6 months.  She is thirteen after all.  I had a lime green kitchen (not the cool cucumber lime green; REAL lime green) for 5 years and I was SO over it for 3 of those.  I didn't want to put the poor girl through that.

Here is the information I had from the "client:"
·        -Needs budget friendly options
-13 years old
-Orange + Neon green
-Has a white bookshelf and white furniture
-Plans to buy a desk
-Likes accent walls
-Likes paper lantern clusters
-Neutral Walls

I started by gathering ideas into a Pinterest Board.  I then narrowed it down and added those images to a Final Pinterest Board.  Due to my limited graphic design skills, it was difficult to mock up the entire room in one image.  But I've included some of my notes to her and the images I provided below.

Teen Room Ideas
Final Pinterest Board.
Overall Concept:
My goal was to incorporate bright colors and to keep things clean and modern, but also make sure there are enough neutrals to balance the color.  That way if she gets tired of the bright colors as she gets older she can swap out some of those objects but have a good base for another color combo. I like the idea of using a variety of textures for a layered look. To achieve this I incorporated: 

-A small throw rug over the carpet. 
-Ottoman choices in various textures. 
-Chunky knit throw to throw over a chair, the ottoman (like pictured), or the end of the bed. 
-Woven storage + Woven shades/blinds. 
-Hammered metal (or mercury or silver) lamp. possibly with a burlap shade. 
-I also provided options so she could play around with the balance of textures and bright + neutral.

Bed Area:
Rather than go with super bright bedding (I considered this set), I found something a little less “loud,” that would grow with her.  This set is cute at 13 but would be totally appropriate at 16.  It has orange and green tones but is more subtle than bright orange and neon green.  Besides the coral and lime tones in the comforter, the accent colors in it are great colors to incorporate into the rest of the room—aqua, teal, gray, and pink.

I have SO many notes on accessories and if you're interested in them, please let me know! Sources for all products are at the end of the post!

Desk, Window Coverings, and Bookshelf:
For the desk, I suggested a DIY-- Find a desk on craigslist and paint it.  you know how I love to slap some paint on some furniture. ;)  Since the teen's furniture is all white and the carpet and walls are neutral, I thought one piece of bright furniture would infuse the color she must have been thinking of when she uttered "orange and neon green."  [A girl who likes bold colors is a girl after my own heart]. They already have a shelf; I simply included this one as a way to show using woven storage rather than adding more bright colors/bins.  

Other Options:
Since we did everything via email and I don't know this reader well (nor her cousin), I made sure to include some alternatives for her to consider   These are all pieces that I love that she can easily swap in/out of the room.

DIY Suggestions: 
Because they were on a budget, I also included some DIY ideas.  These ideas are relevant for anyone planning a room on a budget!  I suggested painting a desk, making the pom/cluster mobile (I made one for Nadia's nursery; it's totally doable!), embellishing plain curtains with trim, ribbon, or pom pom fringe (also did this for Nadia's nursery), painting a mirror if they can't find/afford one they love (it's so easy to find inexpensive mirrors at HomeGoods or TJ Maxx but they aren't always the perfect color--sort of like my casabah mirror), line her bookshelf (there's an example photo in the Pinterest Board), and making initial art (again- an example of this in Nadia's nursery).  

Photo 1 (Bed Area):
Picture 2 (Accessories):
Picture 3 (Desk and Shelves)
No items to link; these are just for inspiration.  (The drapes and blinds are in the Pinterest Board).

Picture 4 (Options)
Please note: Affiliate Links are Included.
In Summary:

So what do you think?  Be nice; I'm not a professional. ;)  I actually think it came together really well!! When I was doubting myself I reached out to my interior designer friend who is amazingly talented (and even though I've been begging her to share her work on her own blog or this one, I've been unsuccessful so far, but you can follow her on Pinterest) and she gave me some feedback and advice.  

I love that this exercise gave me an opportunity to practice working with a "client," articulate my ideas, and curate, which I love.  It was also a good practice for decorating my own space! Very rarely do I take the time to do the research and come up with an overall concept with my own spaces. Let me tell you; it took way longer than I thought it would, but I really feel like it would be worth it for myself and hopefully it was worth it for the reader.  Any questions, let me know. I have tons more notes/info...

Happy Home Designing!

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  1. I love it and I think doing the up front work totally makes it easier to pull off. I don't question decisions as much once I put together a room design board. I hope your client LOVES it! I do! Great work!

    1. Thanks so much friend!! Your design boards are always awesome and inspiring. After doing this one I really want to start creating one for each room in my house. It makes it easier to stay focused when you have a plan!