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DIY Memo Board.

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On a random trip to a thrift store without anything specific on my "to-buy" list, I bought a cork board for $2.  I figured I could do something cool with it and I am ALWAYS in need of organizational tools.  It's been sitting in my basement for like ever while I gathered ideas via Pinterest. And while I planned to go find fabric once I settled on a fabric covered option.  Wait, you mean to tell me planning to do something isn't the same as actually doing it? Shut! Up!

I pinned this (and a few other versions) almost 6 months ago.  This particular tutorial from Delicious Spaces was my fave of the bunch.

And here is my tutorial:
First, you need:
-about a yard of fabric (you won't use it all but I like to have more than enough)
-thumbtacks or upholstery nails (I used just over 2 packs for the latter)
-cork board
-spray adhesive
-the obvious: scissors, yard stick or ruler or measuring tape, etc
By the way, the total cost was $12.  Fabric = $6, Upholstery nails = $4, and cork board = $2.
1. Make sure to iron your material so there aren't obvious wrinkles. I'm the type of person to try to take shortcuts but sort of a perfectionist so I'll end up scrapping it and starting over if it's not right.  Lovely combination right?  My point: Don't skip the ironing!
2. Measure your board and then cut your fabric with an extra 2 inches on each side. (i.e. add 2 to each of your measurements and cut the fabric accordingly).

3. Spray your board and smooth the fabric onto the board.  Don't be nervous.  But do be sure to take your time placing the fabric in the right way.  Smooth the fabric to make sure there are no bubbles.  
4. Now comes the time consuming tedious fun part. Actually it was sort of fun.  I'd been dying to use upholstery nails.  This. Was. My. Chance. And coincidentally I want to add nail head trim to everything.
5. Decide how far apart you want your tacks or nails.  At first I tried just using a finger's width like Delicious Spaces did.  That didn't work for me.  So then I just decided to place them about an inch apart.  
6. Just keep swimming.  Keep on going.  Mine were not perfect! Maybe yours will be.  But it was tough for me to get them exactly in the right spot every time.  I bet thumbtacks are easier because the pins aren't as long.  Or that's just my excuse.  In any case I only re-did them if they were really off.  Otherwise I figured I'd drive myself bananas.  In my best Gwen voice: b-a-n-a-n-a-s!

You might need a "helper" to do this: 

Oh and the corners got a little crazy.  I'd get to a point where I had more than an inch left but I needed a pin in the could probably measure and divide to get it to work out perfectly but that was too much math for me on a Saturday afternoon.  So I'd just adjust the previous one or two to make it not so obvious.

ok- quick break. I was so close to being finished.  This was a perfect nap time DIY.  And then this instagram:
"almost finished this DIY and of course I need a few more pins." 
So annoying!

7. After you're finished (a month later in my case due to the nail head shortage fiasco. and yes with two toddlers it took me that long to get back to lowes!), flip the board over and you're basically going to wrap it like a present.  or drop it like its hot. If you've ever re-covered a seat cushion, it sort of felt like that--especially at the corners.  I used adhesive for this part too, but used a nail just for extra protection.

And voila.  You're done.
Pretty right? (Oh and after the photo I fixed the upper left corner).

I'll show a photo of it on the wall eventually.  I'm pairing it with my DIY chalkboard and a few other organizational items to create a kitchen "command" center.  This girl needs to work on being more organized!  Anyway, enough about me.  What was your latest DIY?

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  1. OK, this is flippin' amazing and I can even do it! I'm totally doing it to two board I have in my office that look shady at best! The IG pic didn't do this project justice. It looked cool, don't get me wrong, but this is just amazing! My office is going to look so great with these! Thank you!

    1. "I can EVEN do it!"--you are a DIY queen. What are you talking about?! Ha! and Glad you're inspired! Definitely post your results!!

  2. This is super cute! I am totally inspired to do it.

    1. Glad you're inspired Jana! I promise it was easy. Do it! :)

  3. I know this is a really old post...but would you happen to remember where you got the fabric and what it's called?