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Computer Crash.

7:00 AM

Hey peeps.  So. I'm sad to tell you my hard drive has to be replaced.  I have been without my laptop for over a week.  This must be what hell feels like.  Argh.  Well it could be worse. At least I back up all my files on a regular basis.  Oh wait.  I don't do that.  I haven't backed up since before summer started.  So yeah, I just might lose our entire summer pictured in thousands of photos.  I'm not crying. Yet.  There's still a chance.  You prayed for good weather for Nadia's party and it came to please pray I don't lose EVERYTHING.  And if I do, lesson learned: Back up regularly.  The end.

My point in telling you all of that is to explain why, after Nadia's party, when I should be sharing party planning goodness with you, I've been eerily silent.  Now you know I wasn't mad at you.  I've borrowed my husband's laptop a few times this week to get some work for Tall Clothing Mall done and to complete a guest post over on Live the Fancy Life.  I'm psyched about this post.  It was an idea I've had for awhile but never took the time to execute.  Expect to see a similar post on Taste{Full} this week.

Check out the full post here! I miss you!  Hope to be back at it soon (new hard drive should arrive tomorrow). Ciao!

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