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Thrifted Quarterfoil Bar Before & After.

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You know I love thrifting and painting.  If I had the time I'd much rather find an old piece of furniture and paint it than buy new.  I suppose if I had more dough I might just buy something new that looked old but I bet I'd still miss the makeover process. Just keepin it real.  Anyway, when I happened upon this little bar for $25 at Goodwill I fell in love!  I purchased it and a short year later (I said if I had time didn't I?), I completed it.

I'm bummed I don't have more "before" or process photos.  Unfortunately they died with my hard drive back in September.  Luckily I'd taken these cell phone shots in the store to text to Joe and found them when going through old photos.  So without further ado, here she is in all her glory!
I spray painted it and left the hardware as is.  I was tempted to spray the hardware gold but after consulting with my designer friend and hearing her refer to it as "vintage patina" I realized that would have been silly.  We're not using it as a bar- we're using it as an entry table. I'll admit it's not the perfect piece- it opens up on top (as in the top lifts up) but it would be more convenient if it had drawers.  Inside is awesome though with the cabinets being deep enough for baskets and the perfect place for a diaper bag (that I could actually get rid of at this point.  WHAT?!), some hats/mittens, etc.  Who knows? Maybe we will use it as a bar eventually but for now it fits the space.

Again have to apologize for the lack of "before" photos and the not so great "after" pictures.  By the time I finished it, it was too cold to photograph outdoors and the entryway/kitchen where it lives has the worst lighting ever.

I love this little table!  Some details/tips:
1. spray painting 70s faux wood (I have no idea what material it is) isn't easy! DON'T rush!  And watch a video on "feathering," if you don't know what that is. I do everything too fast and with too much force (does that say something about me?!) so I definitely got streaks on this piece.  It was really hard to get an even finish especially on the sides.  I read somewhere that a topcoat camouflages the streaks and was pleased to find out that it really did help! 

2. Sometimes I forget this tip, but always start at the back or in the most inconspicuous area.  That way you're working on the most noticeable areas once you have the hang of the technique.  

3. I used Valspar Cobalt Cannon.  It's a greenish/bluish/gray.  I would have preferred a true gray but this table is in the same room as these chairs  so the blue works.  (PS it looks a little bluer in the photos than in real life).

Well that's it! I should be working on new projects but I find that I'm trying to catch up and show you my old ones! Right now I'm working on a gallery wall for the living room which I hope to be able to blog soon!  

Be inspired friends!

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