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Baby Boy Nursery Planning...Sort of.

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So I've begun to gather some ideas for the nursery.  But I say nursery planning "sort of," because I'm trying to be realistic.  I really have little time, energy, or budget for this nursery.  I can't rely on Joe too much for manual labor so I really need to keep it simple.

Nevertheless, I still want to plan because I figure best case, it all works out; worst case I can at least add a few touches to create a version of the nursery I'd like.  In all honesty, this being my 3rd baby and all, I know just how soon I'll end up transitioning the "nursery" into a toddler room so I'm consoling myself with the fact that if I can't go all out now, perhaps in a year to two I can make up for it with his big boy room.
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No matter how often I see amazing rooms come together based on a variety of inspiration pieces, I still always refer to bedding/textiles for inspiration.  Both in Genevieve's nursery and Nadia's nursery, the bedding/fabric basically determined the entire space.  So I began my looking at fabrics.  I have to say about sewing, while I LOVE not being confined to what's available in the store, the amount of options available in terms of fabric can be simply overwhelming (just glance at my Pinterest board). And because I tend toward higher end fabric (not the $136/yard fabric my designer friend ordered for a client the other day.  Gulp. but still...) it's no cheaper than buying a set.

Anyway, here are some combos I've come up with.  Decorating for a boy is SO hard for me. I am such a girly girl!  I really love modern and vintage so I'm trying to combine simple patterns with more ethnic ones (with a vintage vibe) and accent with vintage/thrifted furniture (as I did here, here, and here).

I'd love to hear your thoughts on these!
I love the navy and mint.  I'm not sure if the animal fabric is too baby-ish or just baby-ish enough (again, thinking toddler room-before-I-know-it) but if I used it for a crib sheet or changing pad cover, it wouldn't matter too much would it?  I am loving arrows right now.

More mint and navy.  And yes, mint is SUPER trendy.  Oh well.  This Indian summer line is a bit more kid friendly/whimsical and I really love it paired with the bold graphic prints.  I should clarify the tee pee fabric would pair with the mint tee pees and polka dots OR the arrows and Aztec pattern.

I really like this one and it's a bit more original than the other combos.  I just don't know if I can shy away from my usual bright colors to embrace these more muted tones.

This might be a nice compromise. The orange is a bit brighter and I've been dying to use it (maybe why I used so much of it in this party?!).  But it's missing the more Aztec/ethnic vibe that I really like right now.

So what do you think?!  

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  1. Where can the fabrics be found that you have shown as options?