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Life as of Late.

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I hate not blogging! It's funny because I'm pretty sure no one is sitting around during this gorgeous weather waiting anxiously to see a DIY, party, or personal post from me.  Nevertheless I feel bad if I don't give you at least one a week!  I also blog out of pure enjoyment. I really love sharing tips, projects, and inspiration.  And I love writing and photography. It totally fills a creative need in me. So it's a total bummer when I don't have the time to sit down and do that.  I thought I'd at least catch you up on a few things that have been keeping me busy in no particular order (and mostly using my instagram photos)...

Feature on HWTM.
Not that this has been keeping me busy but I thought I'd share that Nadia's "Chapter 2" 2nd birthday party was featured on Hostess with the Mostess as part of its Party of Five round up.  The editor called it "cute and clever" and chose it for the cover photo of the share on Facebook.  It pretty much made my month.  HWTM has and will always be my favorite party planning resource!

Planning baby boy's nursery.
I'm excited that I've finally started to make some plans and purchases for baby DeLangie's nursery.  I bought a crib, rug, side table, and a few shelves.  You can view my pinterest board to see where my head's at but I'm basically going for a fun "spirit of adventure" theme using arrows, ethnic patterns, and art with messages intended to foster a brave and adventurous spirit (not that you need art to do that for a little boy right?!).  I felt so anxious about it but after help and encouragement from my designer friend I've finally calmed down and started pulling it together. It helps to stop trying to be perfect.  (duh right?).

Writing for Tall Clothing Mall
Though I don't blog for TCM (or Tall Snob) nearly as often as I'd like, I still write the weekly newsletter and bang out a post from time to time. This review was one of my latest posts.

Clearing out Nadia's nursery to make room for baby.  
Nothing else to say on that. It's a headache waiting to happen.  Any organizational tips/tricks you care to share for small spaces or sharing spaces are welcomed! I basically need to make room for 3 kids' toys and clothes in 2 fairly small bedrooms.  sigh.

Helping my church with its very first Vacation Bible School.
I'm on the design team and we had our first working session Sunday.  Joe was a dear and kept the girls even though he didn't feel great. And like magic (or God's grace), they both napped. I can't remember the last time Genevieve napped! I painted petals for the set and it was great!  The only downside: I spent 3 hours on my feet in 85 degrees, which in hindsight was dumb.  Definitely should have grabbed a chair! My feet hurt all night and are swollen! Prego problems...

Trying my hardest to maintain the girls and our home without bothering Joe
so he can focus on healing. My mom's out of town and he has pitched in more as a result. I'm pregnant and tired.  A friend told me she feels for me that I can't be "coddled" during my last pregnancy.  It's probably selfish but I wanted to cry right then and there.  I try really hard not to think about the fact that this is my last pregnancy and it's been so emotionally and physically draining.  And I really am so incredibly grateful for this little boy growing inside of me.  I feel awful thinking about myself when my poor husband is the one having to put his body through hell (which is incredibly hard to watch).  What can I say?  It's a tough situation and I'll be glad when it's over.Thanks for all your prayers and encouragement after I shared his latest blog post.

Besides my regular duties of housekeeping and caring for the girls, that's what I've been up to.  Oh and I refused to miss another beach day so I made time for that yesterday.

What's been keeping you busy?

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