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We Survived a Maternity Photo Session.

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It's amazing how we take family photos every year, yet I forget how crazy it is! I suppose if you have calm or obedient children it's easy but my girls are definitely not the former and only sometimes the latter (unfortunately- but we only have ourselves to blame!).  Anyway, it seems Miss Jordan caught every moment in between the naughty moments.  She encouraged me to do them in the first place (though I was thinking she might have been regretting that in the thick of it!) and I'm so glad I did--especially after seeing them.  Here are a handful of my favorites:

All looking AND smiling.  I'm amazed.  

Everyone looks better looking up.  Seriously.  

Looking at this sweet girl I almost forget how naughty she was while looking at this photo. Almost.

 This one is SO good at snuggling me.  I LOVE it.

I wanted to change clothes when I put the hat on but I was trying not to be a diva. :)

I love the girls' little stances. 

 my babies. ♥

 I can't believe we're adding a prince to this group of princesses.

 Wow- we're going to be a family of FIVE soon. 

Did you get maternity photos taken of your family?  I'm already trying to convince myself to only focus on baby boy in September and not make them about the whole family but I don't know if I can do it!  ha! Oh and for a fun flash back, check out a couple of my maternity photos from my pregnancy with Genevieve.

Keep it real moment:
Joe already wasn't feeling amazing the day we took these photos. That night he was wiped out and still not feeling great.  The next night he had a fever and the went to the ER.  He was admitted to the hospital that night (Saturday).  He is still there.  I won't get into the medical details but it's been rough.  He'll probably share on his blog eventually, but for now, know that he's feeling better.  Today was supposed to be his last day of chemo and I've had a very hard day dealing with that.  As usual your prayers and support help me and my family so much, so thank you for them and selfishly I'm going to keep asking for your prayers as we near the homestretch.  

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