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Dax's Little Explorer Nursery.

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It's time I finally share Dax's nursery.  And admit to myself and to you that it might not ever be 100% complete!  It's good enough for now. And I'm excited for you to see it.

I'll start by saying I LOVE his nursery.  It's not perfect but it was so fun to depart from the ultra girly nurseries I created for Genevieve and Nadia and do something more masculine.  I jumped aboard the aztec/tribal trend and I can't say I'm sorry. I'll admit I meant for the theme to be more subtle but I just kept finding things I loved and "editing" has never been my forte.  It's trendy but there are definitely classic elements that can grow with him (and with me when I tire of the trend) over time.  I also love the main message-- be brave and courageous.  It truly embodies character traits I hope to cultivate in him (and each of the kids) and we've recently chosen Joshua 1:9 as our family scripture.  Be brave enough to tell the truth, daring enough to be different, courageous enough to stand up for what you believe in.  So here it is in all its glory. (and I'm sorry for the obnoxious watermarks. I tried to make it smaller way too many times and then gave up. I have a newborn.  Ain't nobody got time for that).

I'm slightly obsessed with Lindsay Letters.  And I love this loose translation of Joshua 1:9. 

I love how the DIY mobile turned out! I wanted this one but tried to make it myself which was a fail.  But necessity is the mother of invention right?  I came up with this as an alternative and I like it even better. And I'm all for copycat DIYs but there's something special about envisioning something and creating it all on my own.

This mirror though (insert heart eyed emoji). I got it for 80% off.  Yes Please.

Another Lindsay Letters print.  I told you. Obsessed.
I went a tiny bit pillow crazy.  But if pillows are wrong, I don't wanna be right.

 I didn't really photograph the curtains but they are just the drop cloth ones from Nadia's nursery. I removed the pom pom fringe and changed the hardware to oil rubbed bronze to man it up.
 I've LOVED the Serena & Lily baskets since I first laid eyes on them.  But I just can't pay $148 for a basket.  Even one as lovely as those.  You can imagine my delight at scoring this one for $39 from Marshall's. 

 The crib skirt and all of the sheets were sewn by me.   I guess I'm picky but I just can't handle most of the boy bedding out there.  And I honestly can't believe I found the time despite all that was going on.  Is it ok to say I'm pretty proud of myself?! 

It's impossible to get the entire room in one frame. So that's the nursing nook and the crib area (above).   Here is the changing area (below):

And maybe my favorite part of the room--the gallery wall and toy baskets below:
 (as a side note I LOVE how the crib area turned out but it just didn't translate well into photos.  Interior photography is not my strength!)

 You guys! I love those DIY arrows!
 DIY of Micah 1:8 inspired by hers.  I pinned this DIY years ago in hopes that one day I'd have a boy and be able to use the scripture in some way in his nursery.

 Another Lindsay Letters Print. This one features Jeremiah 29:11- another favorite scripture.  Can I get an Amen for amazing, non cheesy, scripture art?!

 So I abandoned the baskets or crates on wheels idea from one of my inspiration nurseries. I was out of time and out of budget!  Instead I used these cute baskets. I'd like to make liners for them one day to achieve a cleaner look. And eventually I'll probably replace them with larger baskets or bins.

And that's it! Like I said- more remains to be done: basket liners, woven blinds instead of the white faux wood ones, and a few more.  But for now it's complete.  I love the theme, the colors, and the boyish details.  Having been through it twice before I know how quickly the transition to big boy room will arrive.  I think I've successfully created a space that I won't need to completely re-do a year from now.  It's very different from Genevieve's nursery and Nadia's nursery but I love looking back and seeing how my style has changed and how I've grown over time.  Though this space is still budget friendly (most items are from Target and Wal-Mart) I have to admit I splurged a lot more than usual. Between it being my only boy, my last baby, and needing retail therapy during the cancer drama, I caved a bit.  I for sure haven't spent any dough on the rest of the house in quite some time so I was due right?!  (Just let me justify). Anyway hope you like it! Would love to hear your thoughts!

Crib: Wal-Mart.
Changing Table: Wal-Mart.
Side Table: Target.
Rocker: Side of the road find, recovered in unfortunate fabric (I only have myself to blame).

"Be Brave, Strong, and Courageous..." canvas: Hobby Lobby or here (or here as a print).
"Be Brave" scripture art: Lindsay Letters.
"The World is Super Lucky to Have You" & "Let's be Adventurers Darling: " Hobby Lobby.
"Dream Big Little One" print: The Lion and the Lark Etsy Shop.
"I'll Eat you Up" print: Cheeky Albi Etsy Shop.
"Oh Baby" print: Paper Canoe Etsy Shop.
"D is for Dax" print: FREE printable from On to Baby.
"Welcome to the World" print: Kindertype Etsy shop (the same shop I got the announcement props).
Cast iron arrows: Hobby Lobby.
Cow skull: Hobby Lobby. (I know kind of creepy.  I saw it here and loved it though).
Huge B: Build a Cross.

Wooden Feathers on Mobile: For Craft Etsy Shop.
Mod Mint crib sheet: DIY. Fabric from Spoonflower.
Arrows crib skirt: DIY. Fabric from Spoonflower.
Adventure pillow: A gift from my favorite (from here)!  Thank you Jessica! ♥
Star pillow: Land of Nod.
Goodnight pillow: JuniperWilde via Zulily.
Bear pillow: Laura Frisk etsy shop.
Feather pillow on rocker: h&m.
Rug: Target.
Changing Pad Cover: DIY. Fabric from Hawthorne Threads.
Adorable bear hook: Land of Nod.
Lamp: Target.

(Some affiliate links included). 

In a former life I would break this post down and share all the DIY details/projects with you but I'm afraid those days are over for this busy mama of 3. But if you have questions, please ask!

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  1. So so great! Love this so much! My favorite things, although it's nearly impossible to pick, are the bear hook, that MIRROR!!!!, the gallery wall and the yellow bins. Such an awesome room for Dax!

    1. I'm obsessed with the mirror! and I'm glad you like the yellow bins!

    2. Where did you get that mirror and the dark wood/white shelves from? They're perfect!

    3. The mirror was from hobby lobby. The shelves were from ikea (I think!). Thank you!

  2. I love the photography, and of course Dax's nursery is awesome! Once again you are amazing!

  3. Oh my, it is so perfect! Even better than I imagined it would be. Congrats on creating such a gorgeous, masculine space! xx

  4. I love it! And I just bought a Lindsey Letters print- thanks to you- I checked her site out after seeing one of ur instagram shots!

    1. oh yay! I'm obsessed with her stuff! and thanks!

  5. you are so talented! you should have your own etsy store--i would buy your stuff! where did you get the cute wooden camera?

  6. Love this nursery! Where did you find the camera and horse?

    1. The camera was from Michael's (I stained it). The horse was from a local antiques shop. Thanks for stopping by! :)

  7. This is such a beautiful nursery! How did you hang the arrows vertically?

    1. I tried sticky tac but it wasn't strong enough. I ended up using command strips.

  8. What did you make the bookshelvrs out of?

  9. What did you make the bookshelvrs out of?

  10. Did you make the colorful arrows? If so, how did you make them?