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Dax Was 2 Months old!

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Haha at the title.  Dax is currently 3 months old but I'm already behind with sharing his monthly milestones.  Hashtag life with three.  Am I right?  But since I do it as much for me as for you (Okay- more for me), I'm sharing anyway! So here are some milestones and a bit about how we're doing.

-Dax is finding his voice.  Lots of cooing and "talking." At one point he had a "conversation" with auntie Bec.  It sounded like he kept saying "Hey!" to her.  It was adorable.  And then I started recording and then he immediately stopped.  Of course.

-Still very fussy for about 2 hours at night.  But from week 4 to 8 it definitely lessened in intensity.

-He has to be "put" to sleep every night. But he sleeps well, usually only waking once to be fed. At 7 weeks he slept from 12 to 7a which was his longest stretch at that time!
-On 10/6 I wrote: "Had a mild fussy period Sunday and skipped it altogether Monday.  He smiled the most I've seen so far.  There's hope." :)

-He rolled over on grandma's lap but hasn't rolled since (and I didn't' see it!). He is trying though!

-He's trying really hard to bat things.  It's so funny to watch a baby concentrate knowing that he's trying to figure it out. 

-Dax already seems so boyish!  And he's a charmer.  I'm not biased at all.
-I always thought gas drops were fake.  As in, they didn't really work. But I think that's because nothing worked with Nadia! ha! I realized that they really did work with Dax when I misplaced them for a day.

-We don't do tummy time often because he wants to be held all the time! But we're trying it more. His head control seems pretty good.

-We got a Rx for Zantac for reflux.  It wasn't magical like it was for Genevieve (who basically stopped crying/fussing after we began giving it to her) but it helps. A month later: I know it helps because Nadia spilled it [mad emoji] and we've given him less which has resulted in more fussiness.

-At a 6 week checkup Dax was 13 lbs and 5 oz. At 8 weeks Dax was 14 lbs 1 oz.  (about 80% for weight and 50 for height).

-It seems like he discovered Daddy at 6 weeks.  Funny because Genevieve was a daddy's girl early on and Nadia didn't know Daddy existed for months!  

-The most frustrating thing this month was getting a cold and regressing with sleep.  He basically couldn't sleep laying down because he was so congested.  It felt like the really early days.  And it made me realize how far we've come, even when it doesn't feel like it!

All in all I feel like we're doing well. I still have lots of help.  In all honesty writing this a month later I don't remember much! It really is a blur! I can say the hard part is just being present and not wishing it away even though I want to sleep and I often want life to be a bit easier.  And feeling pulled in so many directions at all times.  Today I took all three kids to Genevieve's doctor appointment and I had this out of body experience (not really but stay with me) where I looked down at myself shuffling 3 kids, barely 5 and under.  And I felt both sorry for myself and happy for myself all at the same time.  And I got this very real impression of the time flying by and looking back and wondering how on Earth I got through it but also missing it.  It's weird to describe.  But all those conflicting feelings were a reminder to give myself a break.  These are sweet but tough times. I know times will be tough in different ways in the future but the days of sleepless nights and little toddlers needing you for nearly everything pose a unique challenge.  But more than anything I know God has equipped me to handle the challenges. And He's given me a great partner in the journey and precious moments daily with these kiddos to help me along the way.  Oh and he's also given me Dax's intoxicating sweet baby smell. Like sometimes I feel like something is wrong with me because I seriously cannot. get. enough.

I know. I'm crazy.  But I think I like it. 

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