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Moms Supporting Moms: MUMZY.

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So have you heard of MUMZY yet? If not, I'm genuinely excited to introduce you.  MUMZY is a lot of things but simply put, it's a crowd funding platform specifically for one of the most awesome groups of people: Moms.  If you're a mom (or if you have one) you already know what Catherine Merritt, the founder of MUMZY had in mind when she created the site:

What better way to encourage the hustle than by providing moms a  new way to fund their ideas and bring them to life?  Besides the fundraising aspect, Mumzy provides its community with project specific resources to ensure once an idea has reached its fundraising goals, next steps are discussed and provided to keep the momentum going.  But perhaps my favorite thing about MUMZY is that it encourages a community in which moms can pledge donations and offer suggestions to others' projects.  In a world where "mommy wars" is a thing, this is something that I totally want to rally behind.
I love supporting mamas in business, whether that be 9-5 working moms, work at home moms, or stay at home moms with a dream.  I'd like to think my support of other moms- purchasing their products, contributing to their sites, giving feedback, or being a person they can bounce ideas off of, has made a difference. And the support I've received has been critical. Over the years I've developed relationships with some amazing working mamas and I can't express how much their support and encouragement mean to me.  Do you know Taste{FULL} was birthed as a result of a collaboration with one of my fave mom friends?  Or that our very first giveaway was a product by a momtreprenuer and party planning guru, Kristin of Paige Simple?  Or that I earned a little extra cash, while indulging my hobby by second shooting weddings with a mama who photographs my family- Melanie of Simply Mella?  Or that Nadia's party was featured on Hostess with the Mostess only after I was encouraged to submit it by a mama blogger who has since become one of  my closest friends and blogging mentors--Jessica of Live the Fancy Life?  My point?  Good things happen when moms support one another. 
just a few of the supportive mamas in my network.
{Paige Simple. Simply Mella. Live the Fancy Life.}

It's my dream to turn my hobbies of blogging/party planning/photography into a business and I love to connect with like minded moms to encourage and be encouraged in the journey.  MUMZY is a way to do that.  I've already created a profile and explored the site.  Now it's your turn!  Here's how to get involved with the first (and right now ONLY) viable crowd funding platform for moms:

-Be one of the first people to join the MUMZY community by posting a project or helping to fund one you believe in.

***One of the first 100 people to post a project will have the opportunity to win $1000 toward her project's funding goal***

-Share your feedback, ideas, and suggestions with MUMZY. Keep in mind MUMZY is a new platform gaining momentum, but in its infancy stages. As such the founders welcome your feedback!

-Receive surprise-and-delight recognition and prizes from MUMZY.

What now?!  Create a profile and post that project that you've been telling all your girlfriends about, suggest ideas for someone else's project or for site improvements, or help fund an ingenious idea.  

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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  1. I've been hearing about these websites. Glad there is one just for moms! Thanks for keeping us in the know, Tiff!

  2. The most creative people I know are all moms!! ;) Love this idea, going to check it out now. Also, glad I got to share a tiny part of your blogging beginning :)

  3. I love this! There's nothing better than finding a supportive group of moms. Parenthood is hard, and it's so wonderful to have a platform for support and inspiration!

    1. Yes Amber! Can't wait to scroll through all the ideas on the site as it continues to catch on!

  4. Brilliant idea! Makes me wish I was more creative though ;)