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Dax Joey's Monthly Photos plus Tips to Capture Your Baby Every Month

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Dax Joey is ONE.  What?  How did that happen?  Where did the time go? I've always said he's our beauty from ashes and the evidence of God's perfect timing in our lives.  Carrying him gave me hope and purpose when I was tired and overwhelmed with life.  I knew at the end of Joe's treatment, we'd have a perfect little son awaiting us.  Dax has my heart.  I joked with Joe that he's still number one but Dax is a close second. ha! I'm so honored that God entrusted us with baby Dax.

I have to say I'm pretty proud of myself for capturing him every single month.  He's my 3rd people. Give a mama some props. I did miss a couple of months (as you'll see in the photos below). But I captured him each month in these cute stickers.  I also used my DIY crib sheets as a backdrop. I ended up liking those the very best and am bummed that a) I missed a month and b) during the move I lost/packed his sheet. Oh well. You win some; you lose some.   

I just love seeing how much he grows each month.  When you take monthly photos you can look back and watch your baby grow.  We know in real life it can be quite the blur. It also provides some accountability to take note of your baby's milestones and growth each month.  If I don't jot it down (often I use 'notes' in my phone), I don't remember it.  It's that sad simple.

{click on the images to enlarge them}

Each month I get a full body shot so I can see how much more of the chair he fills up. 
And close ups because. That face.
Lastly, the pictures of him in his little outfits because he's my only boy and I have so much fun dressing him.  You'll notice I missed a month.

Here are some tips to take your own month by month photos:
1. Try to take them around the same time each month in the same place.  Getting into a routine will help you get it done.
2. Use fun monthly stickers or monthly onesies to document.  Dax's stickers are from here and she has a fantastic selection.  Use picmonkey to add the month to an object (I used this pillow but I love the idea of a wood shape like this one) or to the photo directly.
3. While I tried to stick to his birthday date (i.e. the 4th of the month), I gave myself a week to get it done.  But don't be picky about that. Just do it!
4. Pick an area that's not too busy with patterns and/or clutter and near a window for light. 
5. While I really wanted to capture him in cute outfits, in my opinion the pictures in the plain onesies are the best.  You can really see his growth and not be distracted.  It's a personal preference!  
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Helpful Hints: 
1. I ordered a back up set of stickers.  It's usually only month 7/8 that they get feisty and rip it off. And it actually makes for a cute picture.  But just so you were warned...
2. Tip for applying the sticker: I'd put a bib on Dax and sneak the sticker under it.  After about month four, he'd try to rip it off the moment he realized it was there.  This is where actual monthly onesies come in handy vs. the stickers.  

Here are a few favorites from our monthly sessions:

Be inspired friends!

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  1. Oh my cuteness! He's adorable Tiffany!! I can see both of your daughters in him in certain pics too!

    1. Thanks Megan!! He is such a combination of all of us and definitely resembles both of his sisters! Thanks for visiting!