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My Playroom Plan plus Tips to Corral the Chaos

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Over the weekend I tackled this:

I should be too embarrassed to share that photo but I'm all about keepin it real up in here. The problem?  Too many kids. Too many toys. And secondary to that- too much pink. It turns out the easiest way to clean a playroom is by getting rid of half its contents.  Who knew?  I got rid of a bunch of the toy clutter and distributed other items to the kids' rooms and the loft.  The result is much more manageable. I also replaced the pink and green bins with black and white ones. A new color scheme was born out of the black and white bins with natural shelving along with the girls' humongous pastel and wooden dollhouse. Here's my plan:
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Natural wood + pastel + black and white work with what we already have while making it a less girly. (You're welcome Dax).  I was tempted to go with a vintage vibe in the playroom but in reality their toys are not vintage. Or even pretty for that matter. I decided a slightly modern look would suit their bright and garish belongings best. Plus it's fairly affordable (click links to see prices). My goal is always to balance pretty with practical. Speaking of practical, here is how I dealt with the toy clutter:

3 Tips to Corral the Chaos:
1. Purge- I took out almost half of what was in the space.
2. Redistribute- My goal was zero toys in their rooms but it wasn't feasible.  Any toys I didn't donate, I relocated.  I moved most of the pretend play items like the kitchen, high chair, etc to the loft and moved "calm" toys like dress up and blocks to their rooms.
3. Display- putting toys on shelves instead of in bins helped it feel more orderly which is counter-intuitive.  And since Dax is so little it helps him easily grab his favorite toys.

This plan is totally fluid. There's a lot to do in the house so the playroom is not a priority.  Oh and guess who just got a ridiculously expensive dentist prognosis?!  Yay me. Regardless of timetable, drawing up plans for every space helps me to be more intentional with decorating our home. And bonus: It makes me feel like I'm doing something when I can't really afford to do something.  Is my honesty refreshing?  So there you have it!

Have you organized any spaces lately?  How do you deal with toy clutter?

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  1. Hey, thanks for giving me an idea. This is very helpful for me. I'll try this in my condo for rent in BGC. Thank you very much for sharing!

  2. Did you paint the trofast bins black!’?