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Our Guest Room and Dax's Room plus My Design Motto of Progress NOT Perfection

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Seeking perfection is the opposite of progress in my life. Like with everything. With working out, with keeping things tidy, with decorating, and more. It's just silly. This attitude brings me to Dax's room.

It looked awful. In the old house I created a nursery that fit the space perfectly. In our current home, the old arrangement simply didn't work. I felt anxious every time I was in the room- it was messy and disorganized. I was disappointed that the one room that was completely finished couldn't be 'put back together' in this home. Hanging shelves and photos that I'd have to pull down later to paint (once we recover from this paint job) felt senseless. But then I decided I'd had enough of the mess, and decided to at least organize it, tidy it, and create a more efficient space. It didn't cost me a penny and was so worth it. Even with the box of items waiting to be hung, I'm feeling much more peace about the space.

The guest room situation was similar. It became a dumping ground for all things craft related (I simultaneously can't wait for and dread the day I weed through my craft and party supplies), as well as linens, holiday stuff, etc. With guests coming I wanted to go all out- an example of striving for perfection. I planned to sell our old bed and buy a new one, get new bedding, a side table, drapes, a rug, a throw, and art.  That was my BASIC plan. And then reality hit, by way of a 2 week window and this little nuisance called a "budget," and I reminded myself: progress, not perfection. I settled on bedding, a side table I stole from the loft and spray painted, a chair that was in the garage, and a mirror I'd purchased a few months ago with no particular place in mind. My budget was done with just those few items. But again- I felt such peace at simply organizing, giving the space a good cleaning, and adding drapes and fresh bedding. It's progress.

Dax's room will remain almost as is. I'll use his crib as a toddler bed when the time comes, perhaps exchange the rug for a bigger one, paint and rehang his gallery wall with a few additions, and add a teepee (I love this one!) because how cute would that be?! I was intentional about choosing a theme that could grow with him so I think I'll be good until he wants something stupid like sports or sesame street. ;)

For the guest room, it seems foolish to spend much on it when the girls' room and the master which gets used everyday are both embarrassingly shoddy. Most likely I won't change a thing until those spaces are underway. For now, it's fresh and clean and I'm trying to be okay with that. Side note: my sweet mother in law made a point to tell me how comfortable she was in it and asked me what the going rate was so that was all the affirmation I needed. And I know my mom will love it when she sleeps over next. ♥

Do you struggle with perfection vs. progress? I shared my struggle in terms of decorating but it affects other areas of life as well. I'm trying to give myself grace and not be a perfectionist (and really, I'm the worst perfectionist ever because I don't kill myself to attain it; I just give up entirely). What about you? Am I alone here?!

If you're interested, you can see other "before" photos of our living room here, the playroom here, and the kitchen here.

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