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Making Go-Bags in Preparation for Back to School

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I can't believe summer is more than halfway over! It's been full of fun and memory making, but as the start of school draws closer, I'm getting back to organization. I have a running list of organizational projects to make life easier and making a few 'go bags' has been one of them. I keep a few essentials in my purse or car, but thought it was time to make sure I'm prepared for anything that comes my way while we're out- wiping off a grimy table at the park, a bird pooping all over me while at the pool (true story), or cleaning up big messes from on-the-go snacking (more on that later). Wherever we go, clean up is usually part of the game so I added Viva Towels to bags for the car, the park, and the pool. Here's what's in them:

Car Bag:
Changes of clothes for the kids 
Paper Cups for water or sharing snacks
Snacks with a long shelf life 
Coloring books/colored pencils/crayons- great for when you make an unplanned stop to eat
Plastic bags for messes/wet clothes/etc- I use old grocery bags
Hand sanitizer
First Aid kit

Park/Outdoor Play Bag:
Snacks and Water
Diaper and Wipes
Sand Toys
An outdoor blanket
Bug Spray

Pool Bag:
Viva Towels
Snacks and water
Swim Diaper and wipes
Pool Toys
Hat and Puddle Jumper for Dax

I couldn't bear to put my newly organized go-bag in the dirty trunk so as part of my effort to get back to organization, I gave the car a deep clean. We spend so much time in the van going on fun excursions in the summer or sitting in carpool line in the fall. Just look at the mess I tackled [hangs head in shame]:
You can see how grimy Genevieve's spot in the car was. There's even food on the ceiling! What the heck is she doing back there anyway (#minivanmomprobs)?!

Luckily Viva Towels work like cloth to stand up to tough jobs. Viva Vantage has a scrubby texture like terrycloth while Viva Towels are soft and smooth and can be used on delicate surfaces. They worked great for cleaning the car since there were some areas I needed to go easy on and some that I used some elbow grease for! Each line has unique textures for various cleaning jobs but all Viva Brand Towels tackle tough messes.

I used just 2 Viva Towels for this mess since they can be rinsed and re-used. I can see through the window again, the vinyl no longer has drips, and the mysterious substance on the ceiling is gone! Clearly, Viva Towels clean more than just spills. I'm feeling a bit more ready for back-to-school with a clean car, and fully stocked go-bags.

How do you #unleashclean while on the go?

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